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From Mark Diamond on Fb, 4/29/16: Hey musicians out there, Beware if you have been contacted by this “person” about a gig! James Scotte – james_sco@aol.com – contacted me through text, and then email, and things were going well until this reply came back to me:

[Printed as written… does this sound like someone from the U.S.?]

music type is JAZZ,,

am okay with the 3 piece for 4 hours which is $1300, i need you to help me add extra $5,170 to the charges you are going to charge on my credit card and you will help me send it to the video/photography via cash deposit as there services fee because they dont have facilities to charge on my credit card, presently am out of town in the hospital receiving treatment for my hearing impaired of which i will undergo surgery in few days time, and i cant send the money to them my self so let me know if you can handle this for me because is a surprise to my lovely wife And also add $80 tip for your self as a gratuity for helping me plus % credit card company charges fee.

Woulda been a good gig!


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