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Denise Gentilini, COMBO member and composer of film music.

From Leigh West on Fb, 5/13/19: #48hrfilmproject doesn’t care about film composers. They just announced they are partnering with a publisher to offer Free music to filmmakers. I emailed them asking why anyone would work with a film composer now when they have this free license option?! Literally taking a whole part of the process out.

They responded that “it’s not practical for all filmmakers to work with a composer.”

Yeah, it’s also not practical that filmmakers work with a full crew and cast and legal. That’s the point. I asked if they would be offering free editing services next, free sound design, free animated characters instead of actors. Indie Film composers are a hugely under appreciated and underpaid talented group of people. Tell @48hrfilmproj that #filmcomposersmatter.

[And this will put COMBO’s own Denise Gentilini and Steve Glotzer out of work!]

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