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Josie Quick and Tom Carleno

Denver violinist Josie Quick wrote on her Facebook page on October 11, 2020 that she had received the following inquiry into hiring her services to play for a wedding. Note that it does not say where or exactly when [“*Flexible Wedding date” – are you SURE you want to get married???!!!]

Josie Quick on Fb, 10/11/20: Oh yeah, I want to play THIS wedding:

[Re-published here exactly as written…] Hello we need a ceremony Musician/Entertainer (blah blah)

we trust that you can give us the best which why we contacted you so please dont fail us

we want our guest to feel the atmosphere as they are coming into the venue..

what city and state are you in?….then after we will give you the exact venue address for our wedding

how much do you charge for 2 hours performance?

you guys will be entertained if you dont mind

Please reply me direct to my email

Wedding Date: Sat 12/11/2021
*Flexible wedding Date

[Editor’s note: My response: Sounds like a “Nigerian” wedding to me!]


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