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One of the benefits that COMBO offers to its members is notification of various Buyer Beware issues. An couple of issues that same to light this regarded a practice of some clubs to “double book” the artists/bands, and the other regarding how disabled people are treated at concerts.

A report by a band led us to find a local venue (kept unnamed in this report) that periodically engages in double booking. Local bands have gotten caught up several times in this unorthodox business strategy. That bands would put up with this particular snub multiple times was quite shocking to COMBO. The strategy as follows: The venue books two bands for a night, then watches online activity for both bands to see which one received the most online interaction from the booking at the venue in order to decide which to dismiss due to “over double booking” that had received the lesser online interest. This is a SHAMEFUL practice and needs to stop immediately. However, it also behooves the band/artist to do some more promotion. Tons of FREE ways to do that. If you don’t have people attending your shows then you need to consider how much promotion you’re doing AND what may be “wrong” with your band, music, and showmanship that keeps your fans from coming back.

We have also had several reports of rough and unfair treatment disabled people had received while trying to attend an event. Slim-to-no accommodations were made to provide adequate access for disabled patrons at a new venue. Barb Dye, president of COMBO, suggested calling the ADA to report this venue. After the ADA gets this venue on their “radar”, venue personnel would certainly develop more accommodations for disabled patrons. We have found that many venues do not have any close up parking for the disabled. AND personnel at the venues think that all disabled people must be in wheelchairs. Many disabled people are ambulatory but have other problems that keep them from standing for any length of time. These employees need to have some training regarding disabilities.


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