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Wendy Clark sends her fellow musicians a warning (Photo by David Barber | www.RockOnColorado.com)

I get a lot of scams and emails / messages from people who think they are pioneers in artist *depreciation* and sometimes folks send something outrageous in the most perfect example of all of the red flags to be aware of as a band manager and promoter.

Again, there are too many to list, but I wanted to forward this to you, especially if it can be used to help new artists.

It’s just so bad that it’s worth a shoutdown. Ha, ha.


———- Forwarded message ———
From: Trina Curry Subject: Love the music you’re making
To: Wendy

We love your music and I have the perfect promotion package to help get your career to the next level.

Mega Promo

● A radio interview custom tailored to your specifications and at your convenience. All interviews are recorded live and archived for your promotional needs.

● Your music played at a VIP Level, which means we play your music several times a week on programs like “ITNS Radio’s VIP Section”, the best of our ITNS Radio VIP Artists every Monday thru Friday starting at 12pm CST.

● A link from our website (with 20,000+ hits daily) to your website or social media site.

● Your music will be pitched to over 6500 radio stations worldwide that we currently work with. These stations consist of College, FM local, Internet and Satellite Stations. We submit your music to 141 stations per week.

● A full-page ad in our SWC Newsletter with a distribution of over 60,000 bi-weekly!

● Massive promotion of your social media sites at least three or more times a week.

● Your press kit added to our press packet that is sent to venues nationwide for bookings.

● Career development consultation to determine your goals in regards to your music career such as introductions to music distribution, record labels and other music industry professionals we have connections with. We have been in business over 12 years and have many connections throughout the U.S. including those in Nashville, Tennessee where we are now based to provide even more for our VIP Artists.

● We will also create any sites you don’t have that you’d like created and grow the fan base within the time frame of the promotion.

● We will also create a 30 second radio spot for single or album releases or anything else concerning your music that you’d like to announce and play it throughout our daily programming on ITNS Radio 24/7 Live.

All of this for 8 months for a one-time fee of $350!

To help as much as I possibly can, I’d like to gift you an additional 2 months of services completely free with this promotion. 10 months of promotion services for $350 total.

To take advantage of this oppurtunity please follow the invoice link below to our secure servant merchant account.

Invoice link

I look forward to working with you,
Trina Curry
National Talent and Promotion Director
Office-877-726-1792, Ext 1023
Fax 877-726-1792

Wendy Clark (Hudson) http://WendyClark.net

Thank you so much, Wendy, for looking out for your fellow musicians!

[Editor’s note: So what’s wrong with this? First of all, there is NO way to check out the figures and statistics quoted in this ad. Secondly, there is NO way to check out if your songs are being played on any radio station, especially terra (land) radio stations. Most of them are owned by big corporations like I Heart Radio that only play music that comes from established record companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., RCA, BMG and others. Thirdly, you should NEVER pay anyone up front for services that have not yet been provided. At the very least, a payment of one-half the amount being charged can pay for “materials” but this offer does not have any “hard” materials, such as t-shirts or other merchandise for you to recoup your expenses. This person is NOT booking you for any shows. The premise is that hundreds of music business people will be hearing your music and will be knocking on your door. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Don’t waste your money. You can get all these services free – pay your grandma to do them for you. She probably needs the money worse than Trina does!]

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