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Chris Daniels (photo credit needed!)

From Chris Daniels on Fb, 8/18/20: OK, weird one today. I came home today and checked on my band truck. I don’t keep my instruments in the truck (thank god) but I do leave our merch tubes in there. Anyway – saw that the truck door had been jimmied open and damn – they stole the merch box. REALLY??? Who in the world needs 20 CD & Kings shirts and a few boxes of CDs and LPs — I mean really.

It’s a drag but it is just stuff — not instruments or PA gear – so I’m lucky.

But it still makes me wonder about our world…. ah well, I hope they like the music – whoever they are.

Big hugs

So if someone tries to sell you a Chris Daniels & The Kings CD or merchandise, call the police!!!


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