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From a local guitarist on Facebook, 1/16/17:
Y’all remember last year I had to drag a promoter by his ears (not literally) to pay me for a festival? I’ll be darned but [I] just saw the dude on Denver 7 News Investigates – apparently he owes vendors tens of thousands of dollars, back tracking to 2014. His name is Tim Newberg. Yes, I got my money eventually because he liked my ‘feisty energy’. LOL. What a loser.

[Editor’s response: We’d like to learn to know more about this, [local musician]. We have an ombudsman in COMBO who handles just such problems.]

That’s good to know! He runs the Boulder Art & Jazz Fest. We played it July 4, 2015. It’s a festival with vendors and live music.

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Cherry Creek Mall Christmas Store Accused of Ripping Off Artists

DENVER — At least five local artists say the Dickens store, a seasonal shop, that sells goods from local vendors is a fraud and hasn’t paid them money they’re owed from last year.

This year, the store is set up inside the Cherry Creek mall. Last year, vendors set up at Southwest Plaza.

“This whole stack here is all of the emails I’ve sent him requesting payment,” said owner and artist Angie Castro, while showing Denver7 reporter Jennifer Kovaleski all the pages.

Castro makes custom soaps for her company UpamperU. She said the owner of A Dickens Store, Tim Newberg, approached her at another local craft show last year.

“Came up to us with a flyer telling us he had a really nice Christmas store called Dickens Store and he would like to have our soaps there,” said Castro.

To honor Scripps Media’s request, read the whole article here:
By Jennifer Kovaleski

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