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[This one says “$19.99 for a “One time only fee”] Stand out in the crowd. Take back REAL creative control. Achieve TRUE freedom and financial stability with the support of your fans without any commissions. One flat fee for true integration for all of your fans. All we ask is that you do your best creative work. Just pure creative content your fans like – Not one single Ad Ever!

Start your 7-day trial now. Cancel at any time. Don’t miss your chance!

Highlights & Features:
– Highest Payout in the Industry. Period.
– Unlimited storage & uploads.
– Unlimited streaming.
– Upload unlimited original songs.
– Artist reporting.
– Artist collaboration.
– Artist Merch integration
– Unique Listener reports.
– Technology analytics.
– Email support.
– Album & Track sharing.
– Receive weekly Artist payouts.
– Web Player analytics.
– Mobile app for fans.

Disctopia is a streaming service dedicated to indie artists, podcasters, and content creatives.
Curated content from some of the best Indie creatives in the world.

Sign up today – starting at $19.99 [note the word ‘starting’]

Music Connection Magazine, 3441 Ocean View Blvd., Glendale, CA 91208


[If you follow through on this offer, would you please let us know what you found out! Your fellow musicians would sure appreciate the information.]


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