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Buyer Beware! Anytime you get the “Bum’s Rush” – “Got to enter NOW or lose your chance” – with a deadline date, you’d better be willing just to part with your money.

Solo Artist Singing competition open to all Genre’s and giving away over $100,000 in CASH Prizes – Music EXPO and Keynote speakers for far less the cost of any other out there.

REGISTER EARLY AND SAVE! REGISTRATION IS ONLY $35.00 but will go up tomorrow! (Tuesday, Feb. 28th)

Will be held at the Georgia Convention Center in June 2017 and early registration is going on now.until February 28th. PRICES WILL GO UP IN MARCH

– Celebrity Judges
– Celebrity Keynotes
– Grand Finale Prize day
– Artist Mentor Sessions and Workshops
– Network with industry professionals
– Most affordable Artist showcase & conference out there

Open to multiple Genres
– Hp Hop
– R&B
– Rock
– Gospel
– Country

3 Rounds – 3 Days – Keynotes – MANY Chances to Win

Ages 15+ :
14 & under for our Junior’s category.

How does it work ?

We will have 3 rounds broken into Genre. Each Genre will have its own panel of judges with score cards. The winners will be announced for the round and will be notified via announcement on our closed circuit TV and email that you have passed to the next round.

Round 2 will be held on Saturday
Round 3 will be the Grand finale.

If you have questions please contact us if you need any assistance or need guidance.

email submissions@rockthemicshowcase.com

This opportunity is also open to independent record labels and indy artists.

Register Now

We have now opened up the “Juniors” portion of the Showcase. This is for Aspring young artist ages 14 & under and the grand prize for this category is $10,000.

Not interested in auditioning but want to watch the fun? Want to partake in the Music Industry Keynotes, Workshops and Expo? Have an Entourage or friends or family that want to attend with you?

[Copied and pasted with all the typos, punctuation and spelling errors! You’d think with all that money they could hire a proof-reader.]

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