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Example of one of the fine pianos on sale at American Classic Pianos.

Example of one of the fine pianos on sale at American Classic Pianos.

The owners of our building have it up for sale. We’d rather move our pianos one at a time to loving homes than all at once to a new location. In October we will be bringing in a third party to do a blowout sale to the public but if we can sell the pianos on our own before that, we can pass the savings on to you.

Pianos of every size and every price range… From spinets to concert grands.

Top 10 reasons to buy a piano NOW!

10) It’s nearly gift giving season and your kids/grandkids have worked hard enough to earn an acoustic piano.

9) Until our lease runs out in a few months, we still have room to save your purchase for delivery in December. It can be a surprise!

8) Your downsizing efforts would be greatly enhanced if you replaced that monster piano with something smaller.

7) Your growing family and growing home can now accommodate that bigger piano you’ve been dreaming of.

6) Although you love to play your piano, there are times that it would be nice to have live piano music while you’re having dinner, too. It’s time for a wifi player piano.

5) You love your piano at home, but what about those weekends at the cabin? You need one there, too!

4) You love listening to your player piano at home but what if you could get a 100 year old “saloon” type upright to fit your Western motif at the cabin and IT was a player piano, too? How cool would that be?!

3) A grand piano in the living for showing off and a console in the basement for practicing. Perfect!

2) Warren really knows pianos and understands what you’re looking for in a piano. He won’t sell you something you don’t love.

1) And the number one reason for buying a piano from us now, is because you can save big bucks.

Call, email or text me to make an appointment while the selection is still sweet. We will have snacks, Holly’s homemade cookies, and beverages available for your shopping excursion with us.
Office – 303.761.6858 or text to 303.550.6027

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