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Photo: Ricardo Ariona | By Staff, CBS Colorado | City leaders in Broomfield plan to close 1stBank Center by the end of the year. They want to demolish the city-owned 6,500-seat venue by next spring.

1stBank Center is located on 11 acres just off Highway 36. It opened in 2010 and previously was named the Broomfield Events Center. It existed under that name for about 4 years.

The city says maintaining the center costs too much. The Broomfield City Council voted unanimously to terminate its operating agreement with Peak Entertainment Tuesday night.
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Broomfield closing 16-year-old 1stBank Center, plans to knock it down by next spring

Built to jump-start development at the city’s edge, 1stBank Center is heavily in debt and siphoning cash from other urban renewal zones to pay its bills

By Monte Whaley, Colorado Sun

1stBank Center, the sports and entertainment venue visible from U.S. 36 in Broomfield, will go dark Nov. 30 and likely will be torn down by next spring.

The 16-year-old, city-owned venue built to jump-start development near the busy Wadsworth Boulevard and U.S. 36 intersection is heavily in debt and never broke even for Broomfield, which on Tuesday decided to put the facility to rest.

“It’s time we ripped the Band-Aid off,” city manager Jennifer Hoffman told the Broomfield Urban Renewal Authority’s Board of Directors on Tuesday night before the panel voted to end its operating agreement with Peak Entertainment.

Peak Entertainment, a partnership of AEG Presents Rocky Mountains and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, has managed the arena since 2009.

The 6,500-seat arena, marketed for concerts and semi-pro sports events, never found its place in metro Denver’s fluid entertainment market and it has been a persistent financial drain on Broomfield, siphoning millions from other urban renewal zones to cover repayment of bonds used to build it.
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Photo: Ricardo Ariona – 1st Bank Center

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