Photo: John Hinckley, Jr. | By Monique Beals, The Hill | A music venue in Brooklyn on Wednesday canceled a sold-out show featuring (former Colorado resident) John Hinckley Jr., who was released from court oversight earlier in the day, more than 40 years after attempting to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan.

“After a lot of serious consideration, we are cancelling the scheduled event at Market Hotel with John Hinckley,” the venue announced in a social media post on Wednesday.

“There was a time when a place could host a thing like this, maybe a little offensive, and the reaction would be ‘it’s just a guy playing a show, who does it hurt — it’s a free country,’” the venue added. “We aren’t living in that kind of free country anymore, for better or for worse.”

It added that Hinckley’s “tour also sends a message that mental health issues and a criminal past can be recovered from and atoned for, after serving one’s debt to society and getting real treatment.”

“Make no mistake: canceling this concert will not deter future assassins and will have no effect on mass shootings, and it certainly won’t reverse the awfulness of what Hinckley did 40 years,” it went on to say.
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Go here to see a video of Mr. Hinkley singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sJ8ZMnjuXQ

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Photo: John Hinckley’s FBI mugshot (from the FBI and Wikipedia)

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