Colorado Music Business Organization Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, September 13, 2021 – 7:00 p.m.

  1. Called to Order at 7:03 p.m.

Present: Annette Cannon, David Barber, Alex Teitz, Barb Dye, Jamie Krutz, Tracey Chirhart, Johnnie Johnson, Sheena Morgan,

Absent: Clark Hagan, Angela Whaley, Tony Molina



  1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes of August 1, 2021: Annette Cannon so moved, Tracey Chirhart seconded. Minutes from August 1, 2021 are approved [with minor corrections].

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

Memberships $ 95.00 (See Membership Report)

Membership (ck): $ 30.00 (Steve Son)

Song contest (ck): $ 20.00 (Steve Son)

Interest on Savings: $ .01 (August 2021)

Total: $ 145.01 (does NOT include Songwriting Contest)

Expenses paid:

Bank Fees for August: $ 2.00 (checking fees)

Paypal fees: $ 3.81 (See Membership Report)

Guitar Show registration: $ 50.00

Elementor: $ 49.00

Zoom account: $ 16.30

Mailchimp for August:    $  31.95

                                Total: $ 153.06

Checking Balance: $ 1,472.06 (as of 8/31/21)

Savings Balance: $ 1,503.28 (as of 8/31/21)

PayPal Balance: $ 805.66 (as of 9/2//21)

Grand Total: $3781.00

  1. Membership Report:

Current Paid Members: 56 (42 individual, 3 businesses, 10 bands, and 1 Supporter)

Renewed Members in August:

Individuals: Rob Roper (comped)

Business: Tom Chelston

Band: Dave Fairbrother (comped)

New Members August: 0





Up for Renewal in September:

Barry Ollman, Jesse Droddy.Wendy Nolting (Niya Music) (comped), Douglas Lipke

Membership “Welcome Surveys”: Sheena reported that we received 1 surveys in August.

  1. Unfinished Business:

        1. Bar code requests: None

        1. Upcoming Programs:

a. September 27, 2021: Ann Blonston of AirShow Mastering will talk on SoundExchange which is the only authorized entity in the U.S. allowed to collect royalties for “recorded” music including royalties from streaming services. (ASCAP, BMI & SESAC collect “performance” royalties). Meeting on Zoom. We get more people from beyond Denver attend meeting. Ann will also “bring” someone from Mechanical Licensing to talk.

Other suggestions: Sheena – Broader marketing program. David suggested Aimee Giese doing a program on social media (musicians tip jar) (podcast). After catching more on Giese, program would need more than just her.

Jamie suggested a program on Tixr– ticketing, merch for bands, other services for bands. May dovetail into online ticketing, livestreaming, monetizing livestreaming for artists. Jamie has two people Tixr willing to talk. Tixr is based in Colorado. www.tixr.com

b. Potential programs: Jamie would like to do a Part 2 of the “How to Make an Affordable Music Video”. Make an in-person event. He went to a lot of trouble to make up a slide show but, due to time constraints, was not able to delve into each subject listed. This might be a good subject for a workshop or a seminar as well. Still on the list: Barb’s Artist Management program. Other ideas: Sheena suggested that, in planning for future meetings within a quarter (3 months), we have 2 general meetings, and 1 workshop. Work with music businesses including asking them to sponsor meetings, or partner with them. Barb stressed to be mindful of IRS rules re teaching business of music. As a 501(c)(6) COMBO can work with for profit music businesses.

c. Program for October 25, 2021: Tony & Sheena – Streaming Services on Spotify. Group of members workshop or seminar – maybe October Songwriting Showcase in November.

d. Program for November 13, 15, or 20th: Showcase of COMBO’s Songwriting Contest winners?

Discussion of SoundTown as a possible meeting place and business partner. There is an outside space for meetings as well as a small stage inside. SoundTown is a “go to” business. This might be a good place to hold a Showcase but stage space is small. Walnut Room would be better. Need to contact ASAP to verify.

e. December meet-up: Delay until we know more on availability of spaces, and COVID restrictions.

3. Web Reports – David (as of 9/2/21):

  1. Current Email Subscribers: COMBO has 2483 subscribers which is down from the 2,486 reported at the 8/01/21 Board Meeting. At music stores and Guitar show, Guitar center Barb have people sign up. As of the 8/26/21 newsletter, we had 18% opens and 7% click thrus.

  1. Twitter Account Followers: COMBO has 7639 followers which is down from 7,642 followers from the 8/01/21 report.

  1. Linkedin – 124 followers, 1 new follower in August

  1. Google Analytics Report: In August 2021 there were 5675 sessions, which is up 64% from August 2020 when we had 3464 sessions. The most viewed article this month was: Other Notable Musicians Deaths -3 (Tom T Hall, Charlie Watts and Don Everly) – 8/26/21 which had 1031 views followed closely by “Charlie Chaplin discovers the secret to life” with 457 views.

Discussion of making a COMBO App – Annette & TLoop; Jamie on bookmarking website.

  1. Facebook Analytics – David: Page Views: 41, down 2%; Post Reach: 1845, up by 111%; Post Engagement: 172, up 14%; Page Likes: 3, down 70%. Page Followers: 6, down 33%.

Discussion of linking FB articles. Jamie wants to streamline links to newsletter and website.

Reminder – Our Facebook address is:



4. Songs on the COMBO Spotify Play List for September 2021 – T Loop: Tony wants a member list to make a Spotify list.

5. COMBO Members Only Video Uploads – David: None

6. Ombudsman Program – Annette Cannon: Nothing to report

7. Meeting Space Ideas: Barb is happy with Zoom

8. Designation for Funds: $500 Hartford Insurance

9. Purchase of Promotional Merchandise Items: Guitar Show has been postponed again until March 27, 2022.

10. Promotion/Advertising: Facebook ads for August – None

11. Posting on Facebook: Sheena posted articles on: Nothing


12. Board Member Bio’s – David & Sheena:  Start posting bios in September. This will be done by intern.

13. Storage for COMBO Stuff: Tabled.

14. COMBO Organization By-Laws:


Standing and Special Committees

1. The Board of Directors may create such standing committees as it may deem necessary to promote the purposes and carry on the work of the corporation. The term of each chair of such committees shall be one year or until the election and qualification of his or her successor.

2. The chair of each committee shall present a plan of work at each board meeting or whenever requested by an officer. No committee work shall be undertaken without the consent of the Board of Directors.

3. The power to form special committees and appoint their members rests with the Board of Directors. The President shall be a member ex officio of all committees.

Discussion: May want to add a clause about committees running fund-raising events using COMBO’s not-for-profit license and sharing the profits.

15. Songwriting Contest for 2021: Ended August 1st at 11:59.

Income: $800 Total entries: 83 Paid entries: 61 Members: 22

Song contest we brought in at total of 83 songs

22 came from members (about half paid their dues when they entered the contest)

By far the most engagement we get from members over the course of the year.

61 songs came with $10 – $610 (-$20 for Steve Son’s check) = add $590 to our total income (Mostly before August!)

Paypal fees $0.59 when $10 was submitted via Paypal.

53 x 0.59 = $31.27 in Paypal fees (Another 6 were paid in blocks of 3 so fees on $30 = $1.17 x 2 =$2.34 )

$2.34 + $31.27 = $33.21 – total Paypal fees (May 1- Aug 1, 2021)

22 members engagement, renewed memberships to join contest. Discussion on how to thank judges: Give judges a comped membership. Give CD. Certificate of Appreciation. Promote music business of judge. Have program on judges on what they look for (would eliminate anonymity). What judging process is like. 5 judges total. Jokingly judge dunk tank. Buying dinner for judges at Songwriting Contest showcase.

16. Vintage Voltage Expo / Guitar Show / Antique Radio Collectors Show: They decided to postpone again due to the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus. The show will now be held at the Delta by Marriott at 120th & I-25 on Sunday, March 27, 2022. Barb sent $50 to Duane Evarts for the registration.

17. Intern: Sheena connected with Storm Gloor’s assistant Madison Kelleher. Update: Interview Johnnie & Sheena with Shanika on Thursday. Business background with marketing.

18. Goals: David & Sheena: Update: Sheena talked about having a Board meeting in November to focus on our goals for 2022 – a “Board Retreat”. She has access to WeWork in Cherry Creek. Could also focus on branding. Plan for 2022. Maybe work with Annette to plan. Maybe do in place of normal board meeting on November 7th.

19. Clark Hagen – Is Clark a COMBO Board Member is good standing? Clark agreed to master the CD for the Songwriting Contest Winners. His status is still as a “consultant”. As far as the song contest entry, Clark agreed to take his name off as a songwriter.

  1. New Business:

1. Angela Whaley’s Status: Should she be changed to COMBO Board Consultant? Reminder COMBO Board Member Re-up in October.

2. Booth at the DSE? Barb & Annette. Draw a random name from COMBO Songwriting Contest for DSE pass

3. Reminder COMBO Board Member re-up in October

  1. Reports

1. Book, Movie, and Featured Member(s) for August 2021: Book: None. Movie: “Respect” – movie starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin. Barb will pick a date when the theatres start showing it. So far, movie is only being shown as a “streaming event” or on pay-for-view t.v. Featured Members: Still on hold.

2. No meeting in August – took a break!

3. Denver Balanced Breakfast: Nothing to report

4. Denver Open Media: They are concentrating more on their radio stations at the moment mainly due to COVID preventing them from presenting live shows again.


5. Mental Wellness Discussion Group Meeting – Angela Whaley’s report: The group is meeting on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month, and is open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend. 6-7 pm via Zoom.

6. Women’s Groups: Alex sent some info about one of the groups restarting.

  1. Items for Newsletters/Announcements: Extras needed for Rob Roper video

  1. Next General Meeting: Monday, September 27th, 2021. Zoom. 7:00 p.m. Program meeting on Sound Exchange and Mechanical Licensing.


  1. Next Board Meeting: Sunday, October 3rd, 7:00 p.m. – on Zoom. Jamie Krutz & Sheena Morgan ask to be excused.

  1. Meeting Adjourned at 7:56 p.m.

/s/ Alex Teitz


Alex Teitz, Secretary

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