Colorado Music Business Organization – Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, May 7, 2023

A. Called to Order at 7:04 p.m.

B. Present: Barb Dye, David Barber, Annette Cannon, Tracey Chirhart, Todd Caron, Johnnie Johnson, Tony Molina

Absent: Clark Hagan, Jamie Krutz (excused), (Maurice Avatar on leave-of-absence)

Guests: Tamera Duran, Nick Summers

C. Approval of the Minutes of April 2, 2023: tabled till May for approval

D. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

Memberships $ 180.00 (April – Paypal) (See Membership Report)

Interest on Savings: $ .03 (April 2023)

Total: $ 180.03

Expenses paid (Ck = check; PP = Paypal; BW = bank withdrawal, checking acct.):

Bank Fees for April (BW): $ 2.00 (checking fees)

Barb Dye – reimbursement: $ 40.09 (for parking & lunch at The Auditorium)

Davy Allard: $ 50.00 (gift to cover medical expenses)

Paypal fees (PP): $ 9.20 (See David’s accounting below)

Meta (PP): $ 0.00 (no Facebook ads for meeting)

Google Workspace $ 18.87 (April 1, 2023)

Zoom acct. (PP): $ 17.40 (April 20, 2023)

Mailchimp (PP):   $  35.10 (April 30, 2023)

                             Total: $ 172.66

Paypal Fees: (6 x $1.54 = $9.20) + (0 x $2.41 = $0) + (0 x $3.81 = $0) = $9.20

Checking Balance:$1,497.73 (as of 4/30/23)

Savings Balance: $ 754.00 (asof 4/30/23)

PayPal Balance: $ 601.41 (as of 4/30/23)

Grand Total: $ 2853.14

Barb transferred $400 from Savings to Checking as the balance was getting low. To be paid: 501(c)(3) – $875; T-shirts; estimated cost $700. GoDaddy – domain renewals – $41.98 ($20.99 each) – to renew thecombo.org and coloradomusic.org

Dropbox: $ 200.00

E. Membership Reports:

Renewed Members in April:

Supporter(s): None

Individual: Lisa Selle, Steve Glotzer, Laurie Dameron

Band: None

Business(es): None

New Members in April:

Supporter: None

Individuals: Nick Summers, Dennis Anderson, Spencer Pyne

Band: None

Business(es): None

Up for Renewal in May:


Individuals: Christopher Ryan Poissant, Kevin Danzig, Kwan Haughton

Bands: King Stan Band (Mark Marusin)


David sent out renewal reminder emails on 5/2/2023.

Membership Surveys Received: 4 (N. Summers, D. Anderson, S. Pyne, L. Selle)

F. Unfinished Business:

  1. Upcoming Programs:

a. Monday, May22nd: Stephen Brackett of Flobots has confirmed. Barb sent him the info via e-mail. Jamie will host again; send questions for Stephen to him.

b. EVENT: Five Points Jazz FestivalSat. June 10th: We decided to go with the Youth on Record Block Party on the same date. No charge and it basically is more in line with our mission than the Jazz Fest is. Barb cancelled the Jazz Fest She contacted Brian Coates at Merry-Go-Round in Aurora and Duane Evarts of the Guitar Show and they are going to provide some swag for us to put in the bags. Barb will stuff 50 bags for the COMBO crew to pass out at the Block Party.

c. Monday, June 26th: Illegal Pete’s Schmoozer, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. No program; just a get-together at Illegal Pete’s on Race & Colfax. Parking lot on the north side.

d. Tuesday, July 18th: At Number 38? Barb contacted and they do not have Happy Hour. Nick suggested Odde’s so we will meet there as a thank you for not charging us for a Showcase room. We can do 3:00-6:00pm for Happy Hour and they have food.

e. August: We usually take August off. Should we do that again this year? We do hold a board meeting which would be set for Sunday, August 6th and this is so that we can set/confirm September’s meeting. Voted to take off.

f. Monday, September 18th : Suggestions: Suzi Humbert approached us at the VVE and said she would love to speak on “Management & Support Services”. She currently manages James Robinson, a classical guitarist – www.James-Robinson.com and provides social media program entries and distribution workshops. She mentioned James is looking to do some guitar workshops locally and wanted some location suggestions, perhaps Odde’s?

Program Committee’s next meeting: End of August potentially.

3. Web & Social Media Reports – David Barber (as of 5/3/23):

a. Current Email Subscribers: COMBO has 2420 subscribers, up from the 2,389 reported at the April meeting. Barb added 34 names from the Guitar Show, 27 names from UCD/CAM event on April 7th, and 3 names from the Showcase. As of the 4/27/23 newsletter, we had 26% opens and 3% click thrus. Event reminder email: 31% opened it but only 1% clicked through.

b. Twitter Account Followers: COMBO has 7449,down by 33 followers from the last report of 7,482. Thanks to Elon Musk we are no longer auto-posting to Twitter so David will try to fix that soon.

c. LinkedIn: 168 followers = previously 166.

d. Google Analytics Report: In April 2023 there were 21009 sessions, up substantially from 436% in April 2022 when we had 3916 sessions. April spikes: Huge spike April 6-7 with article on some-school-districts-are-canceling-student-musicals-heres-why/ 14,792views!!

The most read post this month was: /some-school-districts-are-canceling-student-musicals-heres-why/ referred from newsbreakapp.com

e. Facebook Analytics: Reach: 956; Post Engagement: 269; New Likes: 1; New page followers: 3.

Reminder – Our Facebook address is:


4. Ombudsman Program – Annette Cannon: No report.

5. Promotion/Advertising: Barb, Mark, Maurice, and Jamie passed out guitar picks and business cards at the UCD/CAM event on April 7th. It was fairly well attended. We got 27 sign-ups for the newsletter.

6. Open Mic Night with Tony: Tony has made a deal with the Dry Dock Brewery North, 2801 Tower Road, Address: 2801 Tower Rd, Aurora, CO 80011, 303-400-5606, for a trial run on Sunday, May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend). Barb put it on the calendar and will write an article up to promote it. If you know of anyone who might want to participate and will be around on MDW, please let them know. Tip Jar Discussion: Tony will not put out a tip jar but David said he’d try to set up a Venmo account for us. At this time, Tony is not getting paid.

7. Event Spaces: Odde’s has a back room (“Speakeasy”), good for speakers or solo acts. It is set up with a piano and a PA system and seats 40. Probably good for most of our general meetings. They will not charge us! BTW, if you know of any groups that would like to hold a meeting there, please let them know.

8. Team up with another non-profit to hold a joint event: Johnnie suggested a couple of events that we might want to attend. Update: He mentioned the Youth on Record Block Party which we are going to participate in on Saturday, June 10th.

9. Pursue the exchange of website links: We might want to try this with our members – request that they reciprocate with a link. It’s not set up yet but we could add to new welcome email. They could add “Proud COMBO Member” to their site at no cost. We could also suggest that they add our logo as well. Barb is going to add this request to the newsletter. Discussion: The Tank in Rangely will add our logo. Each board member needs to contact businesses as well to add more.

10. Pursue offering our liquor licenses out? Tim Bovenzi of Local Sounds Online and Celebrity Sidekick Promotions is setting up a festival, possibly at May Farms in Bennett (site of the first Riot Fest which turned into an absolute mess). Barb let him know that we might be able to help his group out with a liquor license. Barb talked to Tim on April 30th about the liquor license. He thought it only took a couple of days to get approved. Barb told him that it takes MONTHS – first they have to receive the application, then they put it on a docket, then they discuss, and then they vote – can take up to 4 months if the application is filled in absolutely correctly!

11. Connect up with new venues and new owners of old venues – do some partnerships? Annette will think some more on this. Maybe have a COMBO night?

12. Can we hold a different type of contest: Could hold an America’s Got Talent type event but we don’t have the manpower right now.

13. Other Fund-Raiser Ideas: Gordon Close has a good sized back room but he moved so Barb will look into that. Benefit Concert: need someone who will draw. Hazel Miller, Ryan Chrys, etc., that will bring the crowds and sell out.Tamara’s idea: With pandemic over, new music venues are opening and maybe we can have a booth at them to connect with COMBO.

14. New Board Members: Rob Tanaka & Tamara Duran have been proposed as new board members. Nick Summers (drummer, soundman at Odde’s, and college music business major) also said he’d be interested. Barb included him and Rod in on the e-mails. Since this will be Tamera’s 3rd night of attendance, we need to vote on her: Annette moved, Tracey seconded. Approved. Welcome, Tamera!

15. Donation to Davey Allard: Barb sent him a check for $50 which he got and has cashed it.

16. Marty Jones Suggestion for a Fund-Raiser: Need to discuss at this meeting:

Here’s a link to the digital compilation of my beer songs, that I use for fund/awareness raising: https://martyjones.bandcamp.com/   

I donate 100% of the sales bucks to a cause for a given month and promote the cause and the campaign. You would tout it to your email list and fans to build the fundraising success of it. (My fans already have this music.)

 I’ll send you the Bandcamp report at the end of the month to confirm the dough.

Would this be helpful for COMBO? ~ Marty

17. Country Jam, Mack, Colorado: Barb has again been asked to provide 6 Colorado songwriters for the Songwriters Rounds at the Country Jam in Mack (Grand Junction), CO on June 22, 23, & 24. She could use one more if anyone knows of a songwriter from the GJ area. There is no pay but 4 passes, worth around $400 each, to the huge festival are provided to each participant. She has booked (all from Colorado) Kevin Danzig (COMBO Songwriting Contest winner), Joey Rowland, Cole Campbell, LeAnn Coffey, Sean Moon, and Lyndsey Olish.

18. Sunnyside Music Festival, Sept. 9th: Annette wants us to participate but Barb is concerned about the number of local musicians who might attend. She will also be gone on vacation Sept. 9th! So if someone else wants to commit to running it…Will discuss at June meeting further.

Starting as a backyard party (20 years ago) that had one keg, one band, and 15 dogs, the Sunnyside Music Fest has blossomed into a 5,000+ person music festival that raised $15,000 for local youth music programs in 2021.

This one-of-a-kind FREE event is a day of world-class Denver bands, artisans, craft beer, food, kids’ activities, and community. The event is located in Chaffee Park (44th & Tejon, Denver) and goes from 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm on September 9th, 2023.

There will be a large diversity of options for food, ice cream, and beverages.

Sunnyside Music Fest is put on by a board of fun-loving neighbors, volunteering their time. This inclusive, FREE event is sustained by generous donations from local sponsors and beer sales (so please don’t bring your own).

All are welcome! Can’t wait to see you there!

https://www.facebook.com/SunnysideMusicFestival – Sept. 9th

G. New Business

1. Songwriting Contest: Our annual fundraiser started May 1st. Unfortunately, David discovered that Dropbox, the on-line tool we’d been using, changed its model and it is now going to cost us around $200 per year (surprise!) This has been immensely helpful in that David can upload the songs and lyric sheets to it and then the judges can access it on their own time and from their own homes in order to evaluate the songs. Since David discovered this change on April 29th (as he was setting up the form for the songwriters to enter the contest), Barb gave him emergency permission to continue and for COMBO to pay for the Dropbox fee. Discussion: The SC has been a major fundraiser for us for 10 years but, other than a couple of years, would barely have covered the $200 expense had there been one previously. Besides the time and trouble, we may want to decide whether or not we want to do it for next year. For example, we took in $180 this month for membership dues but we are then $20 in the hole for the Dropbox fee. There might be a less expensive option available but David didn’t have time to look for one.

2. Liquor License Application for May Farms Concert(s): We previously applied for a liquor license for Riot Fest at May Farms. We should not have any problems with it getting approved. However, we want to make sure that the event promoters are providing insurance and how much they are willing to “donate” to us for the license.

H. Reports

1. Video of April 22nd Showcase: Shanyn Barnhouse video’d it for us but David said there is no longer a place to upload those videos. He reminded us that YouTube shut down Paul’s video as “copyright infringement” so we’re no longer allowed to upload our videos!

2. Saturday, April 22nd: Songwriter’s Showcase: At Odde’s, 9975 N. Wadsworth, Westminster, from 6-7:45. Chris and the staff were ecstatic with the amount of attendees!

Each showcaser gave a short description of how they came to write their song, then played their song. Barb spoke between performers as they were setting up (plug & play) with announcements such as “This is a LIVE show, please show some respect to the performers”, and information on how to join COMBO and the cost, as well as the website and meeting info. She also asked for song contest judges (we got 2 replies) and interest in being a new board member (1).

Attendees: Board Members: Barb, Jamie, Annette, David, Tony and Tracey. Members Jeremy Dion and Rod Tanaka and Showcasers Michael Hossler & wife, Vince Wiggins, Rex Peoples, Kevin Danzig & Casey Boyd, Joel Ashmore & Chad Beall, Lisa Selle, Lynn Patrick, Baggs Patrick, and Zack Weld were among the estimated 85 attendees.

3. Booth at CAM Event: Storm Gloor invited us to have a booth at the College of Arts & Media (“CAM”) event on Friday, April 7th at the King Arts Center. Barb accepted and Mark King and Jamie said they would help run the booth. Maurice was also able to make it. The Fest featured CAM students’ ensembles, bands, and singer/songwriters on the various stages at the King Center. This was a great opportunity for COMBO to connect and share information about the organization with the students of UCD Music & Industry Studies (MEIS) and the student performers. There was no cost, and CAM provided a table and chairs (although we did bring our own directors chairs).

4. Movie Night With Barb: Too much going on; will set for another date. Will try for the Blood, Sweat & Tears documentary. (The Sie Film Center announced a showing on Mother’s Day at 4:00 p.m. which just didn’t work at all).

5. Book of the Month: None

6. Sound Girls: Barb talked to Angie Dickenson-Mickle at the Guitar Show. Angie attended the Showcase and got to see the back room at Odde’s and will talk with her group about setting a meeting there. Angie lives right around the corner from Odde’s so she was excited to learn about the potential venue.

I. Next COMBO Event: Monday, May 22nd – Zoom meeting with Stephen Brackett at 7:00 p.m.

J. Next Board Meeting: 7:00 p.m., Sunday, June 4, 2023. Barb may be calling in from afar!

K. Next Program Committee Meeting: tbd

L. Adjourned at 8:34p.m.

/s/ Tracey Chirhart


Tracey Chirhart, Secretary

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