Colorado Music Business Organization – Board of Directors Meeting

March 5, 2023

A. Called to Order at 7:02p.m.

B. Present: Barb Dye, David Barber, Annette Cannon, Tracey Chirhart, Jamie Krutz, Johnnie Johnson, Todd Caron. Absent: Tony Molina, Clark Hagan, Maurice Avatar. Guest: Tamera Duran.

C. Approval of the Minutes of February 6, 2023: _______moved, ______2nd: Tabled.

D. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

Memberships $ 90.00 (February) (See Membership Report)

Interest on Savings: $ .05 (February 2023)

Total: $ 90.05

Expenses paid (Ck = check; PP = Paypal; BW = bank withdrawal, checking acct.):

Bank Fees for Feb. (BW): $ 2.00 (checking fees)

Ninja Personal Member $ 99.00 (once a year)

Ninja Webbooks $ 39.00 (once a year)

Paypal fees (PP): $ 4.62 (See David’s accounting below)

Meta (PP): $ 0.00 (no Facebook ads for meeting)

Zoom acct. (PP): $ 16.30 (Feb 20, 2023)

Google Workspace: $ 18.87 (March 1, 2023)

Mailchimp (PP):   $  35.10 ( Feb. 27, 2023)

                             Total: $ 214.89

Paypal Fees: (3 x $1.54 = $4.62) + (0 x $2.41 = $0) + (0 x $3.81 = $0) = $4.62

Checking Balance:$1,276.27 (as of 3/01/23)

Savings Balance: $1,153.89 (asof 3/01/23)

PayPal Balance: $ 440.75(as of 3/01/23)

Grand Total: $2,870.91

To be paid: American Voice Mail – $92.45; Application for 501(c)(3) – $875; still on want list – t-shirts. $125 5 Points Jazz Fest

E. Membership Reports:

Renewed Members in February:

Supporter(s): None

Individual: None

Band: None

Business(es): None

Note: Tom Rinnert (2010) and Roseanne Winn (2020) — call them returning members not renewing members.

New Members in February:

Supporter: None

Individuals: None

Band: None

Business(es): None

Up for Renewal in March:

Supporter: None

Individuals: Mad Dog Friedman, Angus Mohr, Jenn Cleary, Joe Mazza, Jay Stott

Bands: Category 6, Last Call Romance

Business(es): None

David sent out renewal reminder emails on 3/4/23

Membership “Welcome Surveys”: 1 – Tom Rinnert

F. Unfinished Business:

  1. Bar Code requests: None.
  1. Upcoming Programs:

a. Monday, March 27th: Shannon Bock on live music. Started on Street Teams and worked at Live Nation. Title for talk: (See Zoom chat or ask Barb 58 min). Get a pic, too. Jamie hasn’t heard from Steven of Flobots, responded that he could do March and wanted calendar link but March was already booked. Can he do May? Waiting to see. Colorado Sound?

b. April: Songwriter’s Showcase: Sat. April 22 at Odde’s from 6-7:45. 15 min break No charge for COMBO members; will send out notices tomorrow. Each performer gets a short description of song. Board members not required to get up and speak.

  1. May: Steven Brackett of Flobots MAY speak
  1. Other Events: Illegal Pete’s: On Monday June 26th, 6-8pm for Happy Hour


5 Points Jazz Festival: Sat. June 10. Is it worth $125? Got 20 signatures last year, a bit of a high price unless we can get 100 plus signatures and more member sign ups. Price isn’t confirmed yet for non-profit booth and Barb hasn’t heard back. Let’s wait and see what they will charge us first then decide.

July: Tuesday, July 18 at Number 38? Barb will see if they run a happy hour. 3560 Chestnut Place, south and west of Brighton Blvd and 38th Avenue.

The Program Committee met on: They did not meet recently.

3. Web & Social Media Reports – David Barber (as of 3/4/23):

  1. Current Email Subscribers: COMBO has 2418 subscribers upfrom the 2,403 reported at the Feb. meeting. As of the newsletter (2/23/23), we had 31% opens and 3% click thrus. Reminder email: 44% opened it, Jan only 27%.
  1. Twitter Account Followers: COMBO has 7507 down by 8 followers which is down from the last report of 7,515.

c. Facebook Analytics: Reach: 1141, down 43%; Post Engagement: 174 ; New Likes: 14, New page followers: 17.

Reminder – Our Facebook address is:


d. LinkedIn: 2 new followers, 166 up from 164.

  1. Google Analytics Report: In Feb. 2023 there were 4223 sessions, which is down 16% from Jan. 2023 when we had 5022 sessions. Feb. 3 spikes 727 opened article on Kelly Picker’s Husband Found Dead. Smaller spike for Celebrity Sidekick At Wild Goose and 3rd Crypts Gang Member Murder. Traffic came from NewsBreak app.

4. Ombudsman Program – Annette Cannon: Nothing to report

5. Promotion/Advertising: Barb passed out guitar picks at Number 38, Odde’s, and Brewability.

6. Open Mic Night with Tony: Looking for a place to hold it. Roxy was good but already have own thing going so need different low-key spot. Tony mentioned they need a PRO license.

7. Event Spaces: Barb: New brewery opening in Northglenn. Annette mentioned The Tavern in Arvada. Place with program going already would be best. Brewability not conducive to live music or meetings. Barb talked to Cody, the manager at The Roxy, but has not followed up.

8. Zoom Troll: Can’t do much about it.

9. Team up with another non-profit to hold a joint event: June 9th, Santa Fe Theater mixer for mentors and younger people some positive hip-hop artists and a Rabbi rapper! Also a sports figure in attendance targeting a younger audience. Get the word out to younger audience about COMBO, have a booth at the mixer.

10. Pursue the exchange of website links: Usually profit-making businesses and we have to be careful with those. Annette exchanges websites in her job by calling and asking if they’d like to put links to websites on each other’s pages. Should do this with our members, request that they reciprocate with a link. It’s not set up yet but could add to new welcome email. They could add proud COMBO member to their site at no cost.

11. Pursue some discounts with entertainment attorneys for joining? Steven Erwin? Alex Rodriguez, David Ratner to name a few. Barb will reach out regarding discount, ie. Consultation.

12. Pursue offering our liquor license out more? Barb didn’t have a chance to pursue.

13. Pursue getting a regular meeting spot for live events? Odde’s has a back room good for speakers, with couches. Check and see if they want rent. Pietra’s could maybe work as well.

14. Connect up with the new venues and new owners of old venues… do some partnerships? Annette will think about it maybe bring people in for certain bands. COMBO night?

15. Can we hold a different type of contest also (in addition to the songwriting contest?) Could hold an America’s Got Talent type event but we don’t have the manpower right now.

16. Other Fund-Raiser Ideas: Barb suggested a garage sale/swap meet. Gordon Close also had good sized back room but he moved so Barb will look into that. Benefit Concert: need someone who will draw. Hazel Miller, Ryan Chrys, etc. that will bring the crowds and sell out.

Tamara has idea… with pandemic over, new places opening and can have booth at one of them to connect with COMBO

17. Attorney Retirement: Todd Myers has been our volunteer attorney and we need to come up with something to thank him for all his help.

G. New Business

1. New Board Members: Rob Tanaka & Tamara proposed as new board members. Michael Hossler? Need more women and younger members.

2. Donation to Davey Allard: $50 for health issues. Vote: Annette motioned, Johnny seconded: All in favor: passed.

H. Reports

1. Monday Feb. 27 Meeting On House Concerts : video is uploaded

2. Colorado Art Rock ‘Society’s 18th Annual Progressive Festival: Was huge success at Nissi’s in Lafayette.

3. Tickets to Elise Trouw Concert: New combo supporter member Tamara used tickets.

4. Movie Night With Barb: Tar?

6. Book of the Month: None

7. Girls In Science: Last Friday, no music careers represented again.

8. Women in Music: No report

9. Sound Girls: No report.

10. Music Minds Matter: No report.

I. Next COMBO Event: Monday March 27th: Shannon Bock 7-8:30pm

J. Next Board Meeting: 7:00 pm Sunday April 2nd

K. Next Program Committee Meeting: (Not set yet).

L. Adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

/s/ Tracey Chirhart


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