Colorado Music Business Organization Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, July 11, 2021 – 7:00 p.m.

  1. Called to Order at 7:01p.m.

Present: Barb Dye, Alex Teitz, David Barber, Sheena Morgan, Jamie Krutz, Annette Cannon

Absent: Johnnie Johnson (excused), Tracey Chirhart (Excused), Clark Hagan, Angela Whaley

Guests: Tony Molina (TLoop)

  1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes of June 6, 2021: David Barber so moved, Sheena Morgan seconded. Minutes approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

Membership $ 230.00 (See Membership Report)

Membership (cash): $ 60.00 (Steve Morrow paid for 2020 & 2021!)

Interest on Savings: $ .01 (June 2021)

Total: $ 290.01 (does NOT include Songwriting Contest)

Expenses paid:

Bank Fees for June: $ 2.00 (checking fees)

Paypal fees: $ 8.48 (See Membership Report)

Facebook ads for June: $ 25.00

Zoom account: $ 16.30

Mailchimp for June:    $  31.95

                                Total: $ 83.73

Checking Balance: $ 1,410.06 (as of 6/30/21)

Savings Balance: $ 1,003.26 (as of 6/30/21)

PayPal Balance: $ 748.68 (as of 7/11//21)

Grand Total: $ 3,103.88

  1. Membership Report:

Current Paid Members: 41 (31 individual, 3 businesses, 7 bands, and 1 Supporter)

Renewed Members in June: 2

Individuals: Joel Ashmore, Steve Glotzer

Band: None

New Members June: 3 individual, 2 bands

Supporter: None

Individuals: Thomas Mai, John Riger

Band(s): George Williams (“Reckless and Blue”); Maurice Avatar (paid by Kathy Wells)

Business: None

Up for Renewal in July: Jeff Norman, Brian Coe, Charles “Chuck” Hughes, Robert J Hojaboom, Cassandra Clayton, Justin Faye

***We’re granting Cass Clayton Band another year due to the pandemic

Membership “Welcome Surveys”: Sheena reported that we received 0 surveys in June.

  1. Unfinished Business:

        1. Bar code requests: None

        1. Upcoming Programs:

a. July 2021 & August 2021: No programs scheduled until September. However, Barb will hold a “Night at the Movies With Barb.” The first one was scheduled July 10th and was to see “Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised).” Report: Barb went to the Esquire Theatre and saw Summer of Soul which was a marvelous documentary about 6 concerts held in Harlem in the summer of 1969. The concerts were filmed but the cinematographer Hal Tulchin could not find a “buyer” so the films lay dormant until 2017 when Hal died. Someone mentioned the films to Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson (The Roots) who decided to do something with the films. The result is a fantastic short history of Black people in America. Barb liked the movie so much she went to see it a second time.

A Social to Meet the Board of COMBO will be held on Monday, July 26th starting at 6:00 p.m. at Illegal Pete’s on Colfax and Race which has a large patio area and plenty of parking available. Attendees to purchase their own food. Plan to stay til 9:00. Bring the families! Suggested titles for the meeting: How to Socialize, Feeling Social, Board with Burritos (that got a big laugh), and “Burritos and the Board.”


b. September 27, 2021: We discussed musicians unions and having Ann Blonston of AirShow Mastering talk on SoundExchange which is the only authorized entity in the U.S. allowed to collect royalties for “recorded” music including royalties from streaming services. (ASCAP, BMI & SESAC collect “performance” royalties). Other suggestions: David suggested Aimee Gies doing a program on social media (musicians tip jar) (podcast). Jamie suggested a program on Tixr– ticketing, merch for band, services for bands. May dovetail into online ticketing, livestreaming, monetizing livestreaming for artists. Tabled until the August board meeting.

c. Potential programs: Jamie would like to do a Part 2 of the “How to Make An Affordable Music Video”. He went to a lot of trouble to make up a slide show but, due to time constraints, was not able to delve into each subject listed. This might be a good subject for a workshop or a seminar as well. Still on the list: Barb’s Artist Management program. Any other ideas? Sheena said that, in planning for future meetings within a quarter (3 months), we have 2 general meetings, and 1 workshop. Discussion of COMBO teaching DIY anything. Might be easier to work with music businesses including asking them to sponsor meetings, or partner with them. Barb stressed to be mindful of IRS rules re: teaching business of music. As a 501(c)(6) COMBO can work with for profit music businesses. Discussion of Soundtown as a possible meeting place and business partner ensued. There is an outside space for meetings as well as a small stage inside. Soundtown is a “go to” business. Do more DIY for musicians. Community building. Bands help each other. Make connections.

3. Web Reports – David (as of 7/09/21):

  1. Current Email Subscribers: COMBO has 2500 subscribers which is down from the 2,509 reported at the 6/06/21 Board Meeting. As of the 7/08/21 newsletter, we had 10% opens and 5% click thrus.

  1. Twitter Account Followers: COMBO has 7633 followers which is down from 7,635 followers from the 6/06/21 report.

  1. Facebook Account Activity: COMBO has a total 1527“likes” which is down from 1536 “likes” from the 6/06/21 report (might not be accurate).

  1. Google Analytics Report: In June 2021 there were 15,1563 sessions, which is down 43% from June 2020 when we had 26,679 sessions. But compared to May 2021 (3964 sessions) we are up 282% due to a spike on June 25-27. Spike caused by referrals from newsbreakapp.com who sent a ton of traffic to the article on “Steve Lawrence’s son accused of abusing father with dementia” Also a good bump for article – “Musician says passengers made flight to Charlotte a living hell”

Discussion of making a COMBO App – Annette & TLoop. Jamie on bookmarking website.

  1. Facebook Analytics – David (over 28 days from July): Page Views 36, down 43%; Post Reach _2,765, up by 28%; Post Engagement 99, down 19%; Page Likes 5, down 55%. Page Followers: 6, down 45%.

Reminder – Our Facebook address is:



5. Songs on the COMBO Spotify Play List for July 2021: T Loop – Tloop wants to contact members to feature songs. Have a workshop on Spotify. Part of renewal letters.

TLoop – Earth

TLoop – Visionary Waves

Deborah Doves, TLoop – What Counts?


6. COMBO YouTube Channel Uploads – David: Angela sent the Chuck Morris meeting video and David has posted it to the Members Only page. Password protected only for paid members. Secret link for members only.

7. Ombudsman Program – Annette Cannon: No Changes. She did report that Jay Bianci decided to retire. He owned several bars that featured live bands. As we get closer to normal expect more demand and more complaints about bands being ripped off.

8. Meeting Space Ideas: New spaces besides the Irish Snug and Roxy on Broadway? Soundtown.

9. Designation for Funds: Nothing

10. Purchase of Promotional Merchandise Items: Inventory for guitar show. Barb is to bring picks and business cards for July 26th meeting so Board members can have extra to hand out. Business cards priority.

11. Promotion/Advertising: Facebook ads for June “How to Make an Affordable Music Video” meeting.

12. Girls & Science Expo: Tabled.

13. Posting on Facebook: Sheena posted articles on:

Taylor Swift doesn’t need streaming royalties, former Spotify boss said


14. Board Member Bio’s – David & Sheena: Start in September rolling out each week

15: Storage for COMBO Stuff: Tabled.

16. COMBO Organization By-Laws: We’ve approved changes to the first five sections. Barb read the following per Roberts’ Rules of Order requirements.


Standing and Special Committees

1. The Board of Directors may create such standing committees as it may deem necessary to promote the purposes and carry on the work of the corporation. The term of each chair of such committees shall be one year or until the election and qualification of his or her successor.

2. The chair of each committee shall present a plan of work at each board meeting or whenever requested by an officer. No committee work shall be undertaken without the consent of the Board of Directors.

3. The power to form special committees and appoint their members rests with the Board of Directors. The President shall be a member ex officio of all committees.

Discussion: Language dates from Dolly. Discussion of former Women in Music Committee (Mary Beth Abella) that made money from a concert. Committee ran into a conflict with the board. No money from concert came to COMBO. Suggestion that money part be added to by-laws. If any committee is going to spend COMBO funds, or generate income by using COMBO’s 501c designation – may be voted on by Board of Directors. Will continue discussion later and vote on by-laws.

17. California Law on Gig Workers: Update: No update.

18. Songwriting Contest for 2021: Started May 1st. Still need at least 3 judges. Have Soundtown or TLoop (Tony), and other Board members?

Income so far? 27 entries – 14 paid entries – 10 members – 3 more from Steve Son

19. Vintage Voltage Expo / Guitar Show / Antique Radio Collectors Show: To be held at the Delta by Marriott at 120th & I-25 on Sunday, September 12th. We need volunteers to work this show. So far we have Jamie and Barb. Mark King stopped by Barb’s house and said he would work the booth! $50 invoice from Duane for participation fee. Good attendance.

Discussion of Azatlan Theater up for sale. Asbestos problem. $2.5 million price. Hoping developer will come in for the value of the land; they would tear down the theatre.

20. New Board Member: Tloop needs 1 more meeting. Songwriting contest. Songwriters involved. Maybe have Tony join after songwriter contest. Tony to be judge.

21. Intern: Barb ran a show announcement for Johnnie Johnson and added that he could use some help putting on his shows. Storm Gloor ideas for interns. Process accreditation.

23. Goals: David & Sheena: Update: Sheena talked about having a Board meeting in November to focus on our goals for 2022. She has access to WeWork in Cherry Creek. Could also focus on branding. Plan for 2022. The COMBO Board Retreat.

  1. New Business:

a. Sheena’s Proposal: Sheena has proposed that we give a title to Alex of “Director of Outreach” since he has been so good at contacting other music groups and talking to them about COMBO. Discussion: Jamie co-director? Alex is Secretary. Jamie Krutz motions. Annette Cannon second. Motion is approved. Officers vs Director. Jamie wants to be named “Duke.” (LOL!)

  1. Reports

1. Book, Movie, and Featured Member(s) for July 2021: Book: Scotty Moore, Elvis’ first guitarist, and the only surviving member of the band, has written a book titled “Scotty and Elvis: Aboard the Mystery Train.” Movie: While Barb planned on attending Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It’ the theater pulled the movie and put in “Summer of Soul (… Or When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)” so it became the “Movie Night” movie! No Featured Members. Barb has quite a list ready to go but needs to get it organized.

2. June 21, 2021: The program was on “How to Make an Affordable Music Video That Will Get You Attention.” Guest speakers were Nigel Dick (“Sweet Child of Mine” and more), Dylan Owens (formerly of The Know/Denver Post, and with the band Babelord – pronounced Babe-Lord); and Miro (with the band Tangerine). Jamie moderated the meeting and started out with a slide show of points that video makers should take into account. Then he asked questions of each of the three guest panelists. Toward the end of the meeting, each panelist had a chance to add in any comments they thought had been missed.

The meeting went well and very smoothly especially due to Jamie’s planned questions and Sheena’s suggested time schedule. Attendance of 26 people including presenters and board members: Barb Dye, Laurie Dameron, Annette Cannon, David Barber, Alex Teitz, Sheena Morgan, Jamie Krutz / JKS, Sonia Kiva (CO Spgs), Paul Iwancio, Rob Roper, Joel (“drummer from ABQ”) (or was this really Joel Ashmore?!), Rene J. Moffett, Evelyn ?, Mike ?, Kathaleen Hancock (in Canon City), Phil Rader, Terresa Gerke, Dawn Brown, Steve Son, Johnnie Johnson, John Riger (Gunnison), Tobias ?, Larry Thompson, and guest speakers Nigel Dick, Dylan Owens (in California), and Miro (in California).

Feedback: Was disappointing not to have Karen Current (from Slopeside), Rod Tanaka, Cass Clayton, Mark Friedman, Mona Ayoub, and board members Tracey Chirhart, Clark Hagan, and Angela Whaley in attendance. However, good to have Phil, Steve, and Teressa back! As well as several “new-bees”!

Discussion of in-person meeting places. Roxy no televisions. For possible meeting. Irish Snug has TV and plug-ins. Check on Roxy A/V setup.

3. Denver Balanced Breakfast: Clubhouse meetings. No word from Reed or Mono.

4. Denver Open Media: Tony Shawcross has indicated that they may have a sponsor for the “First Friday” events again. He will send out a press release when details are set. New location.


5. Mental Wellness Discussion Group Meeting – Angela Whaley’s report: The group is meeting on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month, and is open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend. 6-7 pm via Zoom.

6. Women’s Groups

a. She.E.O.: Cass Clayton will keep us posted on when they have meetings again.

b. Womxn Crush Music: Alex reported that they are regrouping and hope to have the various chapters up & running 2022.

c. Setting the Stage with Julie Gellar: Denver July 20 house concert.

d. Mountain Mamas Music: Still on hold.

e. Women in Music in Denver: No update.

f. Soundgirls: No update.

7. Colorado Music Network (on Facebook): Will discontinue tracking as only a FB group.

8. Denver Musicians Network: Will discontinue tracking as only a FB group.

9. Youth on Record: YoR got a HUGE donation from McKenzie Scott of One Million Dollars to help with their work! How wonderful!

10. Amp the Cause: Focused on giving money to one specific cause. Only music event is Denver Day of Rock

  1. Items for Newsletters/Announcements: Nothing.

  1. Next General Meeting: Monday, July 26th, 2021 6:00 – 9:00 pm – Casual “Meet the Board” meeting at Illegal Pete’s on Colfax & Race. Note the earlier time. Come & have dinner and stay to schmooze! Barb: please bring cards and guitar picks.


  1. Next Board Meeting: Sunday, August 1st, 7:00 p.m. – Zoom.

  1. Meeting Adjourned at 8:55p.m.

/s/ Alex Teitz


Alex Teitz, Secretary

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