Colorado Music Business Organization Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, July 10, 2022 – 7:00 p.m.

  1. Called to Order at 7:06 p.m.
  1. Present: Barb Dye, Annette Cannon, Tracey Chirhart, Johnnie Johnson, Jamie Krutz

Absent: Excused: David Barber, Alex Teitz. No call: Tony Molina.

Guests: Todd Caron (2nd meeting)

  1. Approval of the Minutes of June 5, 2022: Mauricemoved, Annette 2nd. Approved.
  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

Memberships (Paypal): $ 170.00 (See Membership Report)

Song Contest: $ 120.00 (12 songs paid) (“Free songs” are not income)

Interest on Savings: $ .01(June 2022)

Total: $ 290.01

Expenses paid (Ck = check; PP = Paypal; BW = bank withdrawal, checking acct.):

Bank Fees for June: $ 2.00 (checking fees)

Possibility Promotion (ck): $ 15.00 (Domain renewal for www.thecombo.org)

Facebook ad (Meta): $ 00.00 (none)

Paypal fees (PP): $ 15.97 (See David’s accounting below)

GoDaddy (PP): $ 41.34 (2 domain renewals for 2 years each; see below)

Zoom acct. for June (PP): $ 16.30

Mailchimp for June (PP):    $  33.00

                                Total: $ 123.61

Paypal Fees: (5 x $1.54) + (1 x $1.19) + (12 x $.59) = $7.70 + $1.19 + $7.08 = $15.97

GoDaddy: 2 domain renewals for 2 years each: coloradomusiciansforteachers.com & .org

Checking Balance: $ 1,285.21 (as of 6/30/22)

Savings Balance: $ 1,453.78 (as of 6/30/22; includes $750 Paypal transfer)

PayPal Balance: $ 577.34(as of 7/05/22)

Grand Total: $ 3.316.33

E. Membership Report:

Current Paid Members: Unknown (__ individuals, _ businesses, __ bands, and __ Supporter) We probably need to start keeping a different accounting sheet for this. Discussion on how important are these statistics to our organization at the moment due to not having a Membership Chairperson: We decided not to worry about these stats until we get a Membership Chairperson.

Renewed Members in June:

Supporter(s): None

Individual: Jeremy Dion (Inner View Records, LLC)

Band(s): None

Business(es): None

New Members in June:

Supporter: Danielle Hicks

Individuals: Todd Caron, Lynn Patrick, James Middleton, and Teresa Stoffel

Band(s): None

Business(es): None

Up for Renewal in July: (2 bands and 8 individuals)

Supporter: None

Individuals: (?)

Bands: (?)

Business(es): None

David sent out renewal reminder emails on July 5 to the following: Individuals: Harold Rapp III, Jesse Droddy (already renewed), Kelly Triplett, Sharon Glassman, Barbara Hartley, Tyler Hayden, John Bunzli, EJ Bisiar, Robert J Hojaboom. Bands: Dear Marsha, Cass Clayton Band.

Membership “Welcome Surveys”: 4 (Caron, Patrick, Middleton & Dion)

We still need a Membership Chairman. Thanks to David for filling in until someone steps forward to help out.

E. Unfinished Business:

  1. Bar Code requests: None.
  1. Upcoming Programs:

a. July 2022: We did get some suggestions for programs from the attendees of the Illegal Pete’s Social which Barb passed onto the Program Committee. Due to the fact that we really only have two weeks left in July, we decided not to worry about a program. However, Maurice said he had some “ins” to the Glendale Concert facility and he would check to see if we could get a tour in before the end of July. He also was going to check with Dave Fox of Alley Studios to see if we could set a social or program up there by the end of July.

Friday, July 8th thru Sunday, 10th – Colorado Black Arts Festival – more info here: https://www.juneteenthmusicfestival.com/ No one attended.

b. August 2022: Cancelled for Summer Recess.

c. Monday, September 26th: Working on a “Marketing” program, suggested by Dean McCall & Todd Caron. We will continue working on a Marketing Program UNLESS Maurice gets a date to use his “recording studio” – a/k/a Alley Records. Then we will have a membership drive and a “live” meeting followed by a party afterwards. The Program Committee will discuss and come back to us with plans at the August 7th Board Meeting. Maurice also committed to becoming a member of the Program Planning Committee. [Before Barb got these Minutes done, Storm Gloor confirmed for Sept. 26th and said he could get a couple of other people who have some knowledge of Marketing. At this time, we’ll go with the Marketing program via Zoom on Sept. 26th.]

3. Web & Social Media Reports – David Barber (as of 7/03/22):

  1. Current Email Subscribers: COMBO has 2,395 subscribers which is downfrom the 2,415 reported at the last Board Meeting. As of the 6/30/22 newsletter, we had 22% opens and 2% click thrus.
  1. Twitter Account Followers: COMBO has 7,642 followers which is down from the last report of 7,644.

c. Facebook Analytics (FB has changed it up this month): Reach: 1157, down 64.5%; Page Visits: 51, down 2%; New Likes: 6, down 60%; (all down likely due to no serious promotion in June)

Reminder – Our Facebook address is:


d. LinkedIn – David: 142 total followers up from 135. Thanks, Annette!

e. Google Analytics Report: In June 2022 there were 4,284 sessions, which is down 72% from June 2021 when we had 15,168 sessions. There was a massive spike in traffic in June 2021. The most viewed article in June was /ogden-theater-manager-says-he-was-fired-for-whistling-at-covid-positive-musicians-concert/ with 479 views.

4. Ombudsman Program – Annette Cannon: John Weeks reported on Facebook that his band got cancelled the day before a gig and the venue owner did not want to pay them. Annette talked to him and called the venue owner who did not respond.

5. Promotion/Advertising: One Facebook ad for June Social. Barb passed out “mini” swag bags at the Country Jam as she was not allowed to bring in the SESAC bags – only see-thru bags were allowed. Her hotel provided her with some sandwich bags to stuff! She also passed out several guitar picks and business cards, including one to Gil Cunningham, President of Neste Live, the “arm” of Live Nation who put on the Songwriter Rounds in conjunction with local radio station “The Moose”, 92.3.

David wrote up an ad to run on Facebook for the Songwriting Contest to start on 7/05/22. Thanks, David! Anyone available to make-up an ad for New Members for August?

6. COMBO Organization By-Laws: Barb has updated the revised By-Laws and will send out to the Board of Directors soon for Ratification. After Ratification, we will send them to the Colorado Secretary of State for recording and entry into the record.

7. Open Mic Night with Tony: Marty Jones contacted us about having a “COMBO” night at the Dry Dock Brewing Co. at 15120 East Hampden (& Chambers – pretty far east). Any additional info on the Monkey Barrel? Tony did not attend so no update.

8. Songwriting Contest – David: We have a total of 35 songs submitted as of July 6th. 28 paid at $10 each = $280 plus an additional from 7 paid members. We acquired two new judges giving us 4 so far and need at least 1 more, preferably someone in the music business but not songwriters.

9. Re-Do on 501(c)(6) Status: Barb had a couple of meetings with Steve Replin (former COMBO lawyer & board member). He is re-doing another group’s c6 status now. He thought our big problem is the word “business”. Barb checked out 18 local not-for-profits (FoCoMA, Pikes Peak/CO Blues/MH Blues, CO Country Music Association, and more) and ALL mentioned “music business” and “networking” so she doesn’t feel that is the problem. She still thinks our IRS person thought we were going to be bringing “Music Businesses” together – like SoundTown, Merry-Go-Round, Mega Music, Mesa Music and others into a group, not understanding the educational aspect of what we are trying to do at all. She will reach out to the IRS to see what can be done about the status.

[FYI: NIVA’s #SaveOurStages campaign led to the creation of the Save Our Stages Act that is now formally the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. NIVA led the charge and became a grassroots force in Washington so that venues would be able to receive funds to help their businesses remain open and successfully operate. With your support, NIVA can continue to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues and promoters. Donating to NIVA will help further its mission to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues, promoters, festivals, and cultural hubs of local communities across the United States. NIVA is committed to equity in its support and advocacy for independent venues, promoters, and festivals owned, operated, and staffed by people of color, women, non-binary, LGBTQ+, veterans, and people with disabilities. As NIVA is a 501(c)(6) trade association, donations are not tax-deductible.]

F. New Business

1. Johnnie’s application for a grant: Johnnie found out about a lady that works to inform the world about the history of Blind People. She is giving out grants and Johnnie is applying and hopes to get one.

G. Reports

1. June 27, 2022: Social at Illegal Pete’s. Barb & Rod Tanaka were the only two attendees until around 7:00 p.m. when Todd Caron, Dean McCall, Paul Noel Fiorino, and Anthony with the Lull Band (no one could remember his last name – Barb went back over all correspondence with Anthony and his last name is not listed in any of them) came. Shortly thereafter Maurice & Jamie arrived. We had a nice discussion and a couple of ideas for programs came up, especially when Dean mentioned that his band had completed their CD – now what do they do? Social ended around 8:30 p.m. (Annette was out-of-state, Alex was ill, and Johnnie said he was not able to attend. No word from any other board members).

2. 1Saturday, June 4th – Five Points Jazz Festival – No one attended


3. 2Saturday, June 18th & Sunday, 19th – Juneteenth Music Festival, Five Points Denver

Anyone attend? Apparently not. | https://www.juneteenthmusicfestival.com/

4. Movie Night With Barb: Barb ended up by herself on June 22nd to view “George Michael Freedom Uncut”, a film that Mr. Michael started before he passed away. The movie was shown at the Mayan Theatre. The movie was very good and was more of an “autobiography” than just a documentary. George put the movie together himself, narrated it, and covered so many of the ups & downs to his life. He finished it just before he passed away on Christmas Day, 2016 at the age of 53 from various health issues.

However, the film still needed to be edited and other finishing touches needed to be done. His good friend David Austin finished the movie and got it ready for distribution.

The movie was shown only one night in the theater(s) but will be available on paid television channels and streaming services soon.


Go here to watch a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZWWhPoc0v4

Note: Did you notice that George was NOT in his “Freedom” video? He was in a dispute with Sony, his record company, and he wanted to prove that his MUSIC would sell just as much as having him appear both in a video and on the cover of the album.

Comment from Krisushi: This was a stroke of genius to have the super-models appear in this video. It never dawned on me that George was supposed to be in every video himself but [I] really enjoyed this as it was filmed. If Sony weren’t happy with a video clip such as this, then nothing could make them happy. [BTW, George got what he was asking for.]

Elvis (The Movie): Barb & her son attended this movie. It is very good but Barb felt that people who were not familiar with Elvis and his life might have a hard time following it. Austin Butler, as Elvis, was really good, especially when it came to emulating Elvis’ moves while performing. Tom Hanks was Elvis’ manager “Colonel Tom Parker.” The movie really emphasized that Colonel Tom was in this country illegally and he refused to let Elvis tour outside the U.S., citing security reasons. The only time Elvis was outside the U.S. was when he was drafted into the Army and served in Germany. Both Austin & Tom (Hanks) could be nominated for Academy Awards for acting.

5. Country Jam: Barb was contacted by the Country Jam people back in February to set up local singer/songwriters for 3 songwriter rounds at the Jam. Barb was able to book COMBO members Rich Owen (State Country Showdown winner) & (ex) Tim Champlin, American Idol finalist Jeneve Rose Mitchell, Country Showdown Regional Winner Carin Mari, Jackson Emmer, and Jason Abbott (formerly of Denver’s country/rock band Swerve) with Peggy Malone as a back-up. Each songwriter received 4 tickets for each of the 3 days of the shows and free meals. Headliners were Eric Church, Miranda Lambert, and Tim McGraw. Hopefully this will lead to other work with Live Nation & Neste Live!

H. Next General Meeting: July cancelled unless Maurice is able to set up a tour.

I. Next Board Meeting: Sunday, August 7th at 7:00 p.m. Sign in time 6:50 p.m. via Zoom.

J. Meeting Adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

/s/ Barb Dye


Barb Dye, Acting Recording Secretary

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