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Photo: Bill Emery (from his website) | Bill Emery, one of COMBO’s newest members, is from Colorado Springs! Leading the Bill Emery Band (5-15 pieces) or being part of PB&J (Pam, Bill & Jim), Bill is also a songwriter and composer/arranger. Bill and his bands specialize in jazz infused blues, country, rock, swing, and jazz.

Originally from Minneapolis MN, Bill lived in north Texas for 12 years and graduated with a performance and education degree from University-Texas-Dallas. He has lived in Colorado Springs over 30 years and has been involved in the music community by forming/leading the New Century Big Band as well as his own groups.

Bill is also a member of the Front Range Songwriters Group! That’s where he found COMBO!

You can contact Bill at:

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Jesse “JD” Droddy is also from Colorado Springs and is a member of the Front Range Songwriters Group as well! JD loves Country, Pop, Chamber Music, and song with Native American Flute, which JD plays.

JD has been writing songs and composing music of various genres since he was 13 years old. His country songs have been performed by various regional bands. He has written three children’s musical stage plays which have been produced. He has also written two ballets, one of which has been produced to date in three cities, including a two-performance run at the Chamizal National Monument Theater in El Paso, Texas. He has a big following on YouTube for his Native American Flute music. Several works have thousands of views, with “Warrior’s Mourning Song” having over 344,000 views to date. Two composers have incorporated the piece into major works, with JD receiving “contributing composer” credits. A portion of that piece was also used as background music in the 2021 HBO movie, “Exterminate All The Brutes.”

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Mark Gillick, a new member of COMBO, lives in Florence, Colorado. He loves writing folk songs and ballads. Mark is originally from London, Ontario, Canada but, these days, he is to be found in Colorado performing his songs solo and with the Phantom Canyon Band in the southern part of the state. Mark has performed on stage as an actor but has been performing his songs from California to Texas to Colorado.

Contact Mark at:

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