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“The Rose,” written by Amanda McBroom, is now performed by Boulder’s award-winning folk-rock singer-songwriter Jenn Cleary, who offers a new version of this classic song. “The Rose” was released on February 2, 2024 on all major streaming services.

Jenn Cleary’s version of “The Rose” expresses her reflective experience of life, as she navigates her own personal challenges, while still dynamically growing her career as an artist. Jenn performs “The Rose” strumming her warm, cedar-topped Breedlove acoustic guitar. She is joined by some of Colorado’s most talented musicians: Christian Teele on drums, Chris Engleman on bass, Eric Moon on keys, and John McVey on electric guitar and background vocals. Produced and mixed by John McVey of Cinder Sound Studios and mastered by Anna Frick of Ally Sound.

“Blues singer Jenn Cleary plays everything from high-energy rock to bitter-sweet ballads. Her wit, humor, and instrumental skills are the real deal.”– Boulder Daily Camera

“One of Boulder’s most talked-about songstresses plays music that throws back to some of the great female songwriters of rock music history.”– Boulder Weekly

About Jenn Cleary: Jenn is a singer-songwriter and musician known for her soulful vocals and captivating shows. She hails from Boulder, Colorado and has been actively involved in the music scene for over 20 years. Jenn’s music encompasses a blend of folk, rock, and blues, creating a rich sound with stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Jenn Cleary has released multiple records, including Breakin’ Loose (2006), Back to the Wheel (2010), and one of bluesy covers, Blues Full of Heart (2018).

Her first children’s album, All Together Now, won several awards, including prestigious recognition from the 2021 NAPPA awards for best in the music industry, and a 2021 Fall Parent and Teacher Choice award. Last year, Jenn released Happy Day (2022 NAPPA Product Award, Family Choice Award, ISC semi-finalist for “Plant a Garden” and COMBO award winner for “Happy Day”).

Jenn has performed at various venues and festivals around the world. Highlight shows include Colorado Rockies games, Sundance Film, US Blues and Folks Festivals and multiple European tours.

Jenn recently released her own version of the rock cover, “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks through Symphonic Distribution.

“The Rose” will be available on Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Amazon and many other digital streaming services. More information is available on her website:,

Single Details: The Rose
Release Date: February 2, 2024
Digital download: $1.29
Run time: 3:49

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John Paul Riger’s “Jet Tunes” Available On USB Bracelets

By Crystal Records | Crystal Records is releasing for distribution and broadcast “Jet Tunes”, a new album of fifteen original songs by keyboardist and song writer John Paul Riger of western Colorado.

“Music is the blood of the soul,” said John (aka Jet Rig).

Many have enjoyed John’s live performances and internet video productions for decades. This release makes his newest album “Jet Tunes” available direct to the music customer. “Jet Tunes” is available only in digital format as a direct download of the entire album and/or individual songs from his official website. It’s also available on nifty, electric-colored and highly innovative USB bracelets for download to any device. It can be played directly in any car stereo equipped with USB audio input. John feels that this new medium is far more convenient, durable, and fashionable. Time will tell if this new product will become trendy and the new industry standard. Download “Jet Tunes” or order your bracelets today at

“Having listened to the entire album all I can say is K U D O S my friend!!!,” said James Hipp, guitarist and songwriter from Glenwood Springs, CO. “Most excellent!!”

“You absolutely got to buy this album? I just finished listening to it in its entirety. Great tunes! Great fidelity! It’s a wonderful expression of who he is as an individual. It’s beautiful, creative, fun, energetic, soulful, and a top tier representation of Coloradoan musicianship. Go to his site and buy this album. I did. It was easy with no issues or hassles. Cost less than what you would spend at McDonalds nowadays. AND, way better for you!!” said Clint Thompson of Thompound Recording Studios.

“John Paul Riger’s JET TUNES is a pure delight in every respect: composition, performance, arrangements and production. Riger covers the bases, from Funk and Groove (All The Forbidden Rules) to more traditional (Rosa Latina); Blues (Blues All The Time, Heart Of Colorado); Nostalgic (Green Hammond Eggs); International (Sultan’s Dream, El Amazonas) and Smooth Jazz (In A Funk) as examples. His rich bluesy voice perfectly complements the arrangements on the tracks with vocals while instrumentals speak for themselves. A perfectly balanced jazz fusion album!” said Dave Taylor, Producer, Cool Brick Studios

“Original, unique, layers of talent! Looking forward to more by John Paul Riger,” said Dave Gann, Montrose, Colorado

Founded in 1984, Crystal Records is a western Colorado indie label that has been a regional leader in the production and development of many aspiring Colorado musicians. The company offers a wide range of recording and video production services geared to artist growth, advancement and promotion of performances on mission.

For more information on “Jet Tunes”:

Photo: Jenn Cleary

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