By Ruth Comerford, BBC News | Australia’s Department of Home Affairs says it is working with Ticketmaster after hackers allegedly stole personal details of more than half a billion customers. The Shiny Hunters hacking group is reportedly demanding a $500,000 (£400,000) ransom payment to prevent the information being sold to other parties.

Australia said it was aware of a breach and was “working with Ticketmaster to understand the incident”.

The American website Ticketmaster, one of the largest online ticket sales platforms in the world, has yet to confirm whether it has experienced a security breach.

Reports suggest a group of hackers gained access to the names, addresses, phone numbers and the partial payment details of 560 million Ticketmaster customers worldwide.

The FBI has offered assistance to Australian authorities, a US embassy spokesperson told AFP.

ShinyHunters has been linked to a string of high-profile data breaches resulting in millions of dollars in losses to the companies involved.

In September last year, almost 200,000 Pizza Hut Customers in Australia had their data breached.
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But if verified, the hack could be the most significant breach ever in terms of numbers and the extent of the data stolen.

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