One of our loyal and faithful members pointed out that she could not find her gigs being listed on COMBO’s Facebook page. After doing some looking, we found the problem! Facebook automatically “truncates” the messages so you cannot read the whole article UNLESS you click on the link they provide, i.e., I took this from our last newsletter (copied): (Announcements and Calendar for This Week) on COMBO – The Colorado Music Business Organization
https://coloradomusic.org/announcements-and-calendar-for…/ Our guest speakers… etc. So if you are wanting to read something via our Facebook page, be sure to open up the link! More info and the full calendar will come up! This goes for ALL the articles!
Be sure to check out COMBO’s Spotify Playlist curated by Board Member T-Loop for October!
COMBO is about the LOVE of Music. We have a board of dedicated and knowledgeable musicians and other persons who make their living by Music. We offer guidance and advice to help musicians advance their careers no matter what field you’re in. Our articles and programs represent some phase of the music business that could effect musicians – all musicians – everywhere. Our motto: Elevate Your Musical State!

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