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(Photo of Abigail Brooks from her Facebook page; by American Idol) By Jennifer O’Brien, ScreenRant | The singing competition American Idol season 20 is underway with auditions, and contestant Abigail Brooks wowed viewers and judges with her TikTok crooning. Just like every other season, the audition phase brings heartache and joy for the first few weeks. Fans love a good underdog story, making Abigail no different from the special few who are rooted for.

The newest season of American Idol got underway on February 27 and has had its share of talented hopefuls on the stage. To viewers’ surprise, the very first episode showed the new “Platinum ticket” being given away. The new ticket is a special pass that allows only three singers to be pushed through to the special Hollywood Week. As Abigail walked into the audition room, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie could all sense Abigail’s talents and were not disappointed by her singing review.

After hearing Abigail sing “Vincent,” it wasn’t hard for Luke to predict that she would win Disney night thanks to her touching voice and honest singing quality. To those die-hard viewers, it was obvious that Abigail from AI had a seasoned voice for the theatre. After a little digging, there was a lot to learn about the 21-year-old Tribeca barista. According to her audition, she hailed from Castle Rock, Colorado, where she attended Castle Rock High School. The up-and-coming star graduated from Institute for American Musical Theater in 2021. Abigail even won a Bobby G Award for Oustanding Actress in 2018.

Like most young graduates, Abigail has a very active social media following. The rising star already has 3k followers on Instagram and a whopping 100k on her TikTok. Fans can read in her Instagram bio that she won her golden ticket and was heading off to Hollywood to make her mark. As for her TikTok, Abigail described herself as an old soul who was looking to follow her dream to Broadway.

Each judge gave the American Idol star some positive feedback, which led viewers to believe that she may have what it takes to go all the way. Even though she sang into a broom while wearing a bucket hat, American Idol viewers feel that she has special star quality. Lionel even joked that he was looking forward to calling Barbra Streisand to fill her in on Abigail’s talents. Fans will just have to continue to tune in to learn all that they can about Abigail, as she tries her best to sweep the competition and take home the American Idol title.

Photo: I cannot believe I had #AMomentLikeThis. I got the golden ticket and I’m heading to Hollywood! Thanks so much Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie! #AmericanIdol

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