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Alf Kremer (Alf at KTCL) | A month or two ago, I put out a call for musicians who might be interested in doing some “dark holiday numbers” for a holiday gig I’m putting together. Well, the good news (for me) is that I now have a venue. The bad news is – we can’t have a band there. There’s no stage, no sound system, and honestly, no real room for one.

So… we’re revamping our plans somewhat. We’re now looking for “dark carolers”.

Periodically throughout the night, we’d like this group to stand in a certain areas of the venue and sing a couple of holiday numbers. The tunes will all be darker, creepy, or even just minor-key holiday numbers. You won’t need a huge repertoire – ten would probably be more than enough.
Anybody interested in being part in this? We will have some cash and drink tickets for you. Let me know by responding, or via DM.


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