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Photo: Allen Krehbiel | Hey, fellow song-crafters, I wanted to reach out and let you all know of a shift in my status coming up this fall. My wife and I will be getting more involved with the youth at our church and, with that new schedule commitment, it felt like time to “retire” from my NSAI coordinator position. I’ll still be joining as many meetings as my schedule allows as a member.

I credit NSAI for my solid foundation into all things songwriting when I was getting started and also for fostering the incredible relationships and community I’ve enjoyed honing this craft. The role of leadership in this organization has been a great honor, and I’ll definitely miss it!

But… this may be a fantastic opportunity for you!

My departure opens a coordinator vacancy for this chapter. If you have a passion for songwriting, a desire to foster a community of incredible song-crafters, and a willingness to dedicate some time to making sure this meeting is a success each month, this may be a perfect opportunity for you to get involved at a deeper level. I can assure you that serving as a co-coordinator with Lauren [Brombert] is a joy, and if you have any desire to explore what being a coordinator entails, please shoot an email to Amanda Flynn Phillips, our national director of chapters, at

I know just the right candidate is out there, and I have no doubt that the transition will be a smooth one.

Looking forward to leading the next few meetings and catching some new inspiration from y’all as always!


Denver NSAI

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