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It’s not an exaggeration to say that many young people believe they’ll never make it to 30. In their teens and early 20s, their 30s sound like a ridiculously long way off. But they aren’t. And we can assure you there are few people over age 30 who thinks they should have already checked out. We now scoff at the notion that we would have done all the necessary living by 29. Living well is still the best revenge.

“27″ is a magical age in rock. It is approximately around the time that songwriters need to learn to do consciously what they used to do unconsciously, as Bob Dylan once explained the change in his writing process. It is also an age that many artists never make it past. We’d much rather be writing the list for “Rockers Who Are 80,” but here are 27 rockers who died at 27. ~ Rob O’Connor.

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People often ask me why I became a tribute artist.

The following message was recently sent to me by a passenger who saw my show on the Epic. The reaction to the show is exactly why I love what I do. I’m grateful and humbled to be able to make my living paying tribute to the most iconic American Rockstar of our time.
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I briefly shared my enthusiasm about your performance on Legends in Concert, which I saw on the Norwegian Epic the week of March 23rd through the 30th. I didn’t want to take up too much of your time, because it must get old having people trying to talk and take pictures, when you are just trying to get around and live your life. Because I was trying to be brief, I limited the encounter. It’s one thing to look like somebody, but it’s a whole other thing to sound like somebody, and share their talent.

Dude, looks aside, you absolutely rock, and [you] can really sing. One of the things I love about Steven Tyler is his incredible voice and singing. You are absolutely worthy of being compared to Steven Tyler — not only looks-wise, but talent-wise, also. The music industry is a brutal, fickle, and difficult industry, but I think the only reason you are impersonating Steven Tyler is because he came first. Had you made it first, he might be impersonating you. Some people might be too narrow-minded and star struck by Steven, to see you on his level. They might see you as the fake Steven Tyler, or the imposter, or whatever. Personally I see you as equals, because like I said, you share his talent, which is at a very high level.

I spent your whole set not only enjoying your performance, but trying to figure out if I was actually watching Steven Tyler. Seriously brilliant work. The main thing that helped me realize that I wasn’t really watching Steven Tyler was how easily you were moving around. I know Steven has foot/toe problems, and it’s painful for him to get too crazy on stage. At one point I started looking at your feet, to see if I could notice any awkward movements. When I saw you land after jumping off the stairs with no apparent discomfort, I felt more confident that it was not Steven. But even then I started thinking that maybe Steven had corrective surgery to fix whatever was wrong. That’s how good your performance was …. I was actually looking at your feet/walking as a clue and indicator. Brilliant.

I was so impressed and amazed, that I’m actually entertaining the idea of going up to the Myrtle Beach area for a summer vacation this summer to catch your act again. You were the highlight of my Norwegian Epic cruise. Seriously. I sent most of this message to your personal fb page, but since there is a chance that you might not receive it, I sent it here, also.

[Chris briefly sang with the bands Cherry Street and L.A. Guns back in the early ‘90s. He is not only a terrific vocalist but he is one awesome showman and a great guy as well.]

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