Colorado Music Business Organization Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, January 5, 2020 – 7:00 p.m.

Telephone conferencing number & code: 712-775-7031, ID 855-335-896

  1. Call to Order at 7:01 p.m.

  1. Attendance:

Present: Barb Dye, David Barber, Lee Bagby, Johnnie Johnson, Sheena Morgan, Angela Whaley, Tracey Chirhart, Clark Hagan, Jamie Krutz

Absent: Annette Cannon (excused)

Guests: Alex Teitz, Ben Makinen

  1. Consideration and Approval of the Minutes of December 1, 2019: David so moved, and Clark seconded the motion. Approved.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Income received:

December Memberships: $ 185.25 (2 Business memberships – Paypal charges $4.75)

December Membership: $ 57.00 (2 Individual memberships – Paypal charges $3.00)

December Membership: $ 30.00 (cash from Rod Tanaka)

Interest on Savings: $ _ .10 (December 2019)

Total: $ 272.35

Expenses paid:

Bank Service charge: $ 14.00 (December 2019) (Barb will talk to the bank about this; s/b only $2)

Possibility Promotion: $ 20.00 (Renewal of Domain name: Colorado Music . org – which Morris Beegle technically owns)

Hartford Ins. Co. $ 500.00 (liability insurance for the organization only)

Post Office: $ 92.00 (post office box for 2020)

Bar Louie Centennial: $ 292.29 (Holiday dinner $242.29 plus $50 tip)

Mail Chimp for Dec.:         $  31.28 (e-mail list: $30 + $1.28 local tax)

Facebook Ad for Dec.: $ 30.00

                                Total: $ 979.57

Transferred $1,000 from Savings to Checking 01/01/20.

Checking Balance: $ 1,782.42 (as of 01/05/20)

Savings Balance: $ 1,422.97 (as of 01/05/20)

PayPal Balance: $ 678.71 (as of 01/05/20)

Grand Total: $ 3,884.10

Hartford Insurance Bill: Barb reported that the Hartford insurance bill was deducted on December 6, 2019.

  1. Membership Report:

Current Paid Members: 39

Supporter: None

Individual: Rod Tanaka (renewal); John Riger (Nanama); and Paul Iwancio

Band: None

Business: Wadman & Messner; Super Delicious Records

December 2019: Sheena reported that we did not lose any members in December (no anniversary dates due).

January 2020: Sheena reported as a “Heads Up” that COMBO will lose Individual member Laurie Dameron in January.

  1. Unfinished Business:

        1. Bar code requests: Barb reported that Rod at CODA, Inc. called her to request a bar code for Steve Son. Barb sent a note to Jamie who sent Rod a number.

        1. Membership Roster: Barb reported that she had company over the holidays and did not get a chance to update the roster.

        1. Membership “Welcome Surveys” – Sheena Morgan: Sheena reported that we received no new surveys in December.

        1. Upcoming Programs:

a. Monday, January 27, 2020: The original plan was for Lisa Gedgaudas, City of Denver Arts & Venues Department, to speak about their plans for the Music Cities Convention taking place in Denver summer 2020. Barb made inquiries into the cost to attend the event and suggested that COMBO at least pay a portion of the cost for a designated member to attend. Sheena Morgan commented that sometimes events of this nature have a ‘group rate’ available for purchase of tickets, so that would be worth asking that question when making other inquiries. See the last pages of these Minutes for more info.

Sunday, January 26, 2020: NOTE THE DATE CHANGE! There was some confusion with Lisa Gedgaudas being able to speak on Jan. 27th. Apparently no plans had been set for sure so Lisa did not know exactly what she could talk about. There was even discussion of the MCC being moved to Fort Collins as they had a better example of how small towns could make money from music events. No one came up with a second speaker so we decided to go with the Annual Grammy Watching Party on the day before – Sunday, January 26th – at the Irish Snug. We will look for gifts for drawings. The show starts at 6:00 p.m. so Barb will be there at that time. People can some as they can! Please note: Chris Maunu, the choir director from Arvada West HS, is one of the Top 10 Music Educators and is up for the top award at the Grammys. [Barb contacted the Esquire Theater as a potential place to hold this event. The phone voice message said, “No private parties on Sundays” so Barb actually drove over to the theater to ask. She talked to the manager who verified that they do not do private parties on Sundays or Mondays – only Tuesdays thru Fridays. Barb came away with the distinct feeling that “money talks” and had we been able to offer, say, a $1,500 guarantee, there would have been an exception to the rule!]

David Barber reported that he had discussed a strategy for a follow up meeting with Alex Teitz and Sheena Morgan to present as a COMBO meeting after the Music Cities Convention event has ended as a good addition to the momentum that the convention brings to the Colorado music community. [This program could be scheduled for October 2020.] David suggested The Velveteers as a possible band to invite since they have toured internationally to come give a COMBO meeting presentation. Alex Teitz added that this band was a very “easy” contact, they are a family band, and they also have additional family members that identify as Pink Fuzz band members. Alex further commented that The Velveteers band performs in the heavy rock genre and they have gone to the UK at least twice which definitely places them in the category with other “International Touring” bands. David suggested inviting the Nathaniel Ratliff Band as another possibility for giving a presentation on the topic. Due to misunderstanding what the Music Cities Convention was all about, we decided to discuss this plan later in the year.

b. Monday, February 24, 2020: The topic for this meeting will be “How to Book Gigs”. Potential speakers: Tony Mason, Jon Tafoya (UMS), and David Barber.

c. Monday, March 23, 2020: The topic for this meeting will be “Proper Venue Etiquette” – continuing on with the February subject. Potential speakers will be Kale Nelson (GM at Herman’s), Andy Bercaw (GM at The Oriental), and Mark Sundemeier (booking agent at the Buffalo Rose).

d. Monday, April 27th, 2020: (We stayed away from the 20th due to Earth Day and another well known “holiday”!) Clark will look for one of his “friends”! Sheena will contact Ian from the UMS.

e. Monday, May 18th, 2020: Sheena knows someone who does Entertainment Tax Consulting. She will contact her. We also might consider a program involving Musicians and Mental Health. Lady Gaga did an interview with Oprah in which LG said she was raped and no one “cared” – they were just too busy trying to make her a star. LG has been in counseling for years over the ordeal and the trauma she suffered. We came up with many situations wherein musicians might really need some mental health counseling. Angela sent (via separate e-mail) an article wherein the UK did a study on musicians and mental health, showing that musicians could suffer a lot from something awful happening at an event.

  1. General Program Ideas: Our running list of potential topics for General Meetings suggested at previous COMBO Board Meetings:

  1. PRO [Performing Rights Organizations] Choice: This meeting topic was presented in September.

  2. How to be a “YouTube Star” What is the potential?

  3. How to become a game or film music composer; how to get involved in the sync world (tv shows, movies, commercials).

  4. Tips to be a successful touring musician: local, regional, multi-state, or national opportunities that are accessible to musicians

  5. Local clubs, concert venues, unusual venues, house concerts

  6. How to get music “out there” and make money doing it

  7. How to make a living with digital distribution and “streaming”

  8. Indie Promoters and Labels

  9. Ideas for monetizing your music such as sending in set lists of original music performed to your PRO; collecting royalties, learning how many times your song is streamed on, say, Spotify, and how much is each stream worth? Other ways to make money with music? YouTube licensing etc.

  10. Advice about record labels vs. DIY or smaller indie labels; self-promotion; marketing, pitching
  11. How to get your music to publishers and big artists;

  12. Workshops on musician’s tools such as self-recording programs.

  1. Web Reports:
  1. Current Email Subscribers: David reported that, as of January 5, 2020, COMBO currently has 2,678 subscribers which is down from the 2,697 reported in the December 2019 Board Meeting report. Barb reported that she still needs to get the sign-up sheets over to Sheena or David to add to the mailing list.

  1. Twitter Account Followers: David reported that as of January 5, 2020, COMBO currently has 8,054 followers which is down from 8,066 followers as of the December report.

  1. Facebook Account Activity: David reported that as of January 5, 2020, COMBO received 1,364 “likes” which is up from 1,355 “likes” as of the December report.

  1. Facebook Analytics: Angela reported that in general, the metrics for Facebook are down. Page Views are down, Post Reach is actually down by 13%, but those paid posts help [tremendously]. Post Engagements is up by 3%.
  1. Google Analytics Report: David reported that, in December 2019, there were 2,596 “Sessions” which is up 28% from December 2018 when it was 2,430. The most viewed article in December was from February 2018 (for some unknown reason) from Ditty TV – on Bringing Americana Music to Millions.

  1. Other interesting statistics: 50% of our viewers were on their cell phones; 50% were on iPhones! 55% organic search; 16% – social media; 10% e-mail; and 14% came from typing in “Colorado music”!

Reminder: http://www. Facebook .com/ Colorado Music Business Organization

  1. Songs on the COMBO Website Player for January 2020 Mark King:

“This is The Happiest I’ve Ever Been” – Robert Jordan

“Cleveland Girl” – Steve Son

“Marriage Song” – Lisa Selle

“Love Has a Way” – Travis Smith & Johnny Garza

“She Wants You” – Sloan Robison

“Little Things” – Cass Clayton & Taylor Scott

Mark uploaded the rest of the COMBO Songwriting Contest songs in the player so that we would have songs through May.

David is checking into offering a Spotify music player on the website which would save trying to find someone to continue this part of our “benefits.”

  1. COMBO YouTube Channel Uploads: Barb said she needs to make a copy of the videos on “PROs” and on the Showcase to give to David Barber. Ben Makinen called in for this meeting. He is interested in helping David with the videos and possibly being on the board.

  1. Ombudsman Program: Annette was absent.

  1. Meeting Space Ideas: Nothing new.

  1. Designation for Funds: Nothing new.

  1. Purchase of Promotional Merchandise Items: Nothing new.

  1. Promotion/Advertising: Barb will contact someone at Denverite to see if they’ll write an article on COMBO. David moved for a budget of $50 to run adds for the Grammy Watching Party on Facebook. Lee seconded. Board approved.

  1. Girls & Science Expo: Tabled until further info is available.

  1. Articles for Newsletter: Barb Dye reported that Alex Teitz continues to be very helpful in sending articles, and Ben has also sent a couple, all of which Barb used.

  1. Membership Retention: Sheena reported that she is developing a 2020 plan for Board Members to review for the coming year on the topic of memberships. Sheena has been reviewing the current benefits and offered this report:

Updated Benefits for Website:

Sheena has been mapping our existing benefits (the ones that were still relevant) to SAPS categories. SAPS stands for Status, Access, Power, and Support. SAPS is a map framework of motivators. Our members all have different motivators. Some of us will want to join for benefits like [physical] stuff, and others will be more motivated by the benefits of education. By mapping our benefits to SAPS we can now measure which benefits are most desirable as well as have a foundation to offer more in the future, ensuring we have covered all possible motivators. I’d like to seek approval from the board to post these on our website. 

The board voted to add these to the website except for the “Feedback” description. We felt the clause needed to be discussed further and that we needed to find people who would be willing to “critique gently” (but honestly). Sheena would also like to run a short-term campaign for new member bands that would offer a discount if the band joins in a small window of time. The current fee for a band is $55. Sheena suggested $35 but individual memberships are only $30. Barb suggested that we offer $45. We will have more discussion on this in February.

[Power]  Visibility – Be seen and heard. Stand out and get noticed as an active member of the community. Generate personal visibility with the power of the COMBO organization championing you.

[Power]  Voice – What is important to you, is important to us. We advocate on your behalf by elevating your voice within the community and with music business influencers.

[Status] Networking – It’s not just who you know — it’s who others know as well. Networking is powerful. Get exposure to other members, build relationships with people in the industry, and connect with like minded individuals to help further your music goals.  

[Status] Promotion! – EP Release? Tour? All members get promotion via our marketing channels. Increase your brand awareness and gain more fans. 

[Access] Stuff! – It’s not just merch! Members have access to barcodes for distribution. Having a UPC code on your product not only enables efficient distribution, but also allows each sale to be counted by SoundScan and other companies that compile tabulations, including the creators of the music charts.

[Access] Feedback – Submit your musical creations for review and critiquing by panels of accomplished producers, record labels, radio station personnel, promoters, club owners, members of the press, ad agencies, managers and agents. Hold until we can discuss further.

[Support] Education – Access to events, workshops, and meetings covering various music business related topics. Grow your music business knowledge and stay up to date on industry trends.  

[Support] Professional Support – We’ve got your back. COMBO has an Ombudsman program that can help you work out any disagreements you may have with a venue, promoter, or band member.

Barb was contacted by Mark McElwain of SoundTown asking, “Do you happen to know of anyone who will benefit from getting to know us? If you do, we have a special offer for new customers: 10% off your first service!” Barb said we would send a promo offer to our mailing list telling paid members that SoundTown will give them a 10% on any purchases if they say they are a COMBO member. He agreed. So we can add that as a “benefit” to our paid members!

  1. Storage for COMBO Stuff: Barb did not have a chance over the holidays to clean out the neighbor’s storage unit so nothing has been moved yet. Mark said, “No problem.” He is not planning on moving anytime soon anyway!

  1. Career Day – Cherry Creek School District: Barb Dye reported that she signed up the COMBO organization to participate in the CCSD Career Day (event is at night). She will need help with a booth there. The event will take place on Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Barb will try to arrive around 5:00 p.m. Jamie, Tracey, and Ben will help out.

The CCIC Career Fair Committee would like to formally thank you for your willingness to join us at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus on January 30th  2020, from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM for our district wide Career Fair. This event offers students the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers through conversations with real community professionals as well as a job fair offering entry level and summer job opportunities. The fair will be conducted in a table/exhibit arena format, allowing students the freedom to visit with a variety of career professionals.


As a small token of appreciation for your time, we will be providing dinner to our vendors (limit 2 per table) through our Hospitality and Tourism Pathway. Upon arriving at the CCIC, we will have student volunteers available to help assist you in finding your table, as well as aid in carrying things/material/displays from your vehicle to your table within the building. Each vendor will be provided a full 6 foot table, with two chairs, where you can display anything you feel will help capture the attention of our students as well as advertise your business/organization!


We will be sending out another email in January providing driving instructions to the CCIC, as well as any last minute details we may have. Please let us know if you have questions or if you are no longer able to attend.

Again, thank you for participating in the Cherry Creek School District Career Fair! Without community partners and industry leaders like yourselves, events like this could not take place.

We cannot thank you enough and wish each of you a wonderful holiday season!




Cherry Creek School District Career Fair Committee

Miller, Laura M <lmiller38@cherrycreekschools.org>

Posting on Facebook: Barb Dye reported that Laurie Dameron wanted to know how to post on the COMBO Facebook page. Barb wrote back to Laurie explaining that we only posted “music related” events. Laurie said her “Spaceship Earth” program is built around several of her original songs which she performs at her talks. Those songs involve the subjects of climate change, air pollution, water pollution, the earth’s warming, and the problem of single use plastics. So Barb posted a little ad for her which Laurie was happy with.

  • Name
  • What COMBO board member brings to the organization.
  • Supporting background talents
  • SoMe handles (if applicable)

(Sheena sent the example via a separate e-mail to the board).

The board decided to go with this idea. Sheena will start taking head shots at the Grammy Party and will contact each person to get a short bio to add to the newsletter and to the website.

3. Website re-design. Our existing website theme has become outdated (on the coding end) and needs to be replaced. David is working on this and here is an example of what he is working on. Everyone please take a look and have comments/suggestions at the Board meeting.


The board voted to go with David’s update of the website. Barb did ask, though, that he add more photos as she had many positive and complimentary comments on the way our website is currently set up.

4. Google for Non-Profits. At Angela’s suggestion, David applied for the Google for Non-profits program (benefits include an upgraded website, Google Suite account, members only page, and possibly free Google advertising). Unfortunately we were turned down because we are a 501(c)(6) and not a 501(c)(3) [IRS tax exempt status]. Johnny might want to look into this program for Innervision.

5. Posting articles to Facebook directly: Actually it’s way better if things don’t get posted to Facebook all on the same day. They don’t get buried if it’s only one or two a day and people will have more of a chance to comment on them. Also, oftentimes the articles are old news (by social media standards) by the time Thursday rolls around. Especially if they happen over the weekend. [Barb’s comment: I post “old” articles if they are important for a musician to know. A lot of musicians do not watch the news and are unaware of these events.]

6. COMBO Organization By-Laws: David Barber reported that he has posted the organization by-laws as part of the Google Docs platform. David pointed out that, as directors of the organization, all Board members should read and maintain general knowledge of these items. David requested an Agenda item for the Board to discuss. There are a couple of items that may need an update. We tabled this until the February meeting.

7. Algorithm for Copyrights: Kathaleen Hancock inquired about an algorithm for copyrights. Barb will send Sheena Kathaleen’s contact info as Sheena thought maybe she could answer Kathaleen’s questions.

8. California Law on Sub-Contractors: California recently passed a law where sub-contractors are going to be considered “employees” and that “employers” need to start withholding taxes. This has created a BIG problem for clubs and musicians who are not regularly employed by anyone! We will keep an eye on this development.

  1. Reports

        1. Book, Movie, and Featured Member(s) for the Month of January 2020: None.

2. December 9, 2019 – Holiday Dinner: The holiday party was held at Bar Louie Centennial. We had 17 in attendance. The board members in attendance (a quorum) voted to pay for the dinner portion (each attendee was to pay for their own drinks). Although we did not have a private room, the bar set us off to the back of the room and it was o.k. as the bar did not have a lot of customers and it was fairly quiet. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food of which the portions were ample. We were placed at separate tables that had been pulled together so we ended up in 3 small groups but still a better situation than we had at the Hard Rock Café in 2018! It was nice to see Dianne Zarlengo, her sister Rita, and nephew Tony (guitarist for Immortal Syn), and Steve Nelson again. [For record keeping purposes, Barb added the attendees’ names to this report: Besides the aforementioned, Barb Dye, David Barber, Johnnie & Nataliya Johnson, Annette Cannon, Tracey Chirhart, Lee Bagby, Rod Tanaka, Alex Teitz, Sheena Morgan, Steve Son, Karen Gerdine, and Eric Nelson attended.

3. Colorado Springs Meeting: Barb reported that she still has not had a chance to develop a meeting for the Colorado Springs area.

4. Denver Balanced Breakfast: Barb Dye reported that the Balanced Breakfast meeting was scheduled for Saturday, December 28th at the Mercury Café. Did anyone attend? No. Next one set for January 25, 2020.

5. Denver Open Media Open Music Session: The January DOM was scheduled for Friday, January 3, 2020. Did anyone attend the December 6th or January 3rd programs? No.

6. Mental Illness Discussion Group Meeting – Angela Whaley’s report: Angela Whaley reported that organizers of this group would like to add a second meeting date each month and organizers are considering adding a “Virtual” meeting opportunity via Zoom conference call, as well. Angela also mentioned that a mental health group is trying to get and emergency mental health help line added to the phone system. The number for that would be 988.

The Mental Illness Discussion Group meets in Denver the first Sunday of each month from 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the Youth on Record office, and then group organizers are hosting a group meeting on Monday in Fort Collins. The Sunday, January 5th meeting was cancelled.

7. Women’s Group – “She Said So”: Angela said that the group was under new leadership.

8. Women’s Group – Women Crush Music: Alex mentioned that Brit Margaret is now leading the group.

9. Women’s Group – Setting the Stage: Julie Gellar, who is still living in Israel, continues to send uplifting messages for musicians which Barb will add to the newsletter.

  1. Items for Newsletters/Announcements:

  1. Next General Meeting: Grammy Watching Party on Sunday, January 26th, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Irish Snug.

  1. Next Board Meeting: Sunday, February 9, 2020 – 7:00 p.m. (moved from 2/02/20 due to the Super Bowl) – Telephone conference

  1. Meeting Adjourned at 9:03 p.m.


Barb Dye, President

Tracey Chirhart, acting secretary


2020 will see the fourth US and 10th global edition of Music Cities Convention take place in Denver, red Rocks and Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, hosted by Denver Arts & Venues, University of Colorado Denver, Colorado Creative Industries and The Music District.

30+ international speakers and 300 delegates will attend from all over the world and from different industries for three full days of music, panels, talks, presentations and roundtables that will bridge festivals to tourism, venues to economic development, live music to health, record labels to community building and much more.

Wednesday Sept 23, 2020 – MCC Opening Reception:
Denver Colorado, TBC

Thursday Sept 24, 2020 – Music Cities Convention Day 1
McNichols Civic Center Building, 144 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80202

Thursday Sept 24, 2020 – MCC Day 1 Evening Event
Denver Colorado, TBC

Friday Sept 25, 2020 – Music Cities Convention Day 2
1st half of the day will be held at Red Rocks – 18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465, United States -> We will only have 150 spaces for this part so priority will be given to delegates attending from out of Colorado
– 2nd half and an evening event will be held in Fort Collins Colorado

Saturday Sept 26, 2020 – Music Cities Convention Day 3
– First half of the day will be presentations and panels at a venue in Fort Collins
– Then in the late afternoon we’ll head to The Music District for their big anniversary event (639 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524)


We’ll be releasing hotel information soon. We’ll provide discounted rates at hotels in Denver and Fort Collins.

To experience the full event we encourage delegates to book a hotel in Denver for the nights of the 23rd and 24th, and a hotel in Fort Collins for the night of the 25th and 26th September 2020.

We will have 300 delegates attending from all over the world. Job titles will include: mayor, musician, festival/event director, real estate CEO, university professor, record label/promoter/management executive, music district director, secretary of culture, nighttime economy manager, tourism board/association CEO, music industry development director, theatre director, council leader, head of economic development, music and health initiative director, journalist, business development manager & many more.

What’s included in the ticket cost:

  • Two days of presentations, panels and roundtable sessions
  • Four evening events
  • Half day visit to Red Rocks (limited to 150 – priority for those attending from outside Colorado)
  • Three locations – Denver, Red Rocks, Fort Collins
  • Lunch and drinks on conference days and snacks and drinks during evening events
  • Lots of live music!
  • Delegate bag
  • Access to delegate database

Ticket Prices:

  • Early Bird 1-3 (sold out)
  • $150 USD – Early Bird 4 (on sale until Feb 29th 2020)
  • $175 USD – Early Bird 5 (March 1st 2020 – April 30th 2020)
  • $200 USD – Early Bird 6 (May 1st 2020 – June 15th 2020)
  • $225 USD – Early Bird 7 (June 16th 2020 – July 31st 2020)
  • $250 USD – General Admission
  • If you’re a musician and you’re interested in attending, just write to us at alice@sounddiplomacy.com

We also have a joint Colorado Music Cities Convention and Cleveland Mississippi Music Tourism Convention ticket available, with prices increasing online with early bird pricing.

Other Information:

  • If you’re interested in learning more about discounts for delegations or about sponsorship just get in touch with Luke at luke@sounddiplomacy.com
  • Spread the word about Music Cities Convention using the hashtag #MusicCitiesColorado #MusicCitiesConvention and our Twitter handle @MusicCitiesSD

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