The full article lists the grantees. COMBO wants to congratulate our associates and members on qualifying for these funds: Colorado Music Hall of Fame, Innervision (CEO Johnnie Johnson is on our board), Jen Korte, and Youth on Record. Denver Arts & Venues is pleased to announce the grantees for the 2021-2022 DMAF grant cycle. The Denver Music Advancement Fund (DMAF) will provide $75,000 in grants up to $10,000 each to fund 2021-2022 Denver-based, music-centered projects driving economic vibrancy, building a more equitable and connected city, and creating positive social change.

Programs must:
• Advance a music-centric program or initiative
• Provide fair pay for all artists
• Take place in the calendar years 2021-2022
• Support justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and access

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Colorado Music Hall of Fame (CMHOF)

Project: Colorado Music Hall of Fame Museum Refresh with Bilingual Exhibits

Grant: $7,500

Description: Colorado Music Hall of Fame will fabricate new, English/Spanish bilingual exhibits for its museum at the Trading Post at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Establishing a more unified layout for the central room of the Trading Post, the museum refresh project will interweave new Hall of Fame exhibits with the City of Denver’s shared retail space. Older exhibits will be rotated out in order to add induction classes and highlight the Hall’s 10 years as a music-celebrating nonprofit. Featured exhibits will showcase Jazz Masters & Beyond, which is currently under-represented at the museum, and Going Back to Colorado, which is not yet represented.

• • • • • • • • • •


Project: Post-Pandemic Productions for the blind and disabled community

Grant: $10,000

Description: KINV-DB Innervision FM is a radio station that is ninety-five percent run by teens and young adults of the blind and disabled community. Innervision will provide innovative training and a firsthand approach to the workings of a radio station from the bottom up. Trainees will learn FCC rules, on air talent, studio production, copy writing, spot scheduling, marketing, sales, web development, management and ownership, and, as part of their training, will receive a biweekly stipend. Innervision hopes to assist in closing the unemployment gap for those in the blind and disabled communities, which was further exacerbated by the COVID pandemic.

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Jen Korte

Project: Clearheads: A Booze Free Hang at Fort Greene

Grant: $10,000

Description: “Clearheads: A Booze Free Hang” is a monthly event that supports healthy living by offering a music and art experience without alcohol. It is hosted at Fort Greene, a woman-owned and operated business that remains struggling after the COVID shutdown. Every month, the event will feature local coffee, kombucha and N/A spirit brands, plus a featured one-hour musical performance. Without alcohol, this event will be all ages, providing access to art and music for more underserved families or people 18-21.

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Youth on Record

Project: Open Mic Pilot Program

Grant: $10,000

Description: Youth on Record (YOR) is developing an Open Mic program at its Youth Media Studio, designed to create an inclusive space for artistic expression for youth and local musicians, for the communities and families within their networks, and for Colorado’s broader creative ecosystem. While YOR has several programs that support the creative growth of youth, such as its Fellowship, FEMpowered, Open Lab and the annual Block Party (to name a few), these programs are directed to specific youth populations. In contrast, Open Mic offers a free forum space for young people to share their work with their families, communities and peers. This model provides a casual, accessible space for youth and local artists to build connections, introduces young people to YOR and engages the community in youth’s work. The creative industries have experienced a mass shuttering of “Do it Yourself” (DIY) arts and youth-facing spaces, and YOR’s Open Mic will fill this void by providing a safe environment for human connection and creative expression.

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