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ROBBY ROBERTS joined COMBO last month but we only just got his bio due to a change in COMBO’s website functions. Robby was born in California as William George Roberts. He  grew up as a studio drummer and was one of many musicians along Sunset Strip during the 60’s and 70’s. Robby had the privilege of playing with great musicians including legend and good friend Buddy Miles, The Seekers and the Turtles. A few years later, Robby moved to the Denver area. Months after Robby received the first DunceCap JoyRide album, Robby decided to get together with Joshua Destrada for the next project. Joshua and Robby started recording newly-written songs in April 2012.

Wanting to utilize different styles, the two invited other musicians to be featured in the new album, including guitarists Mike Malenoski and Tyler Hughes, saxophone player Miller Crone, and vocalist Kim Sullerud. Once recording was finished in January 2013, Robby and Joshua teamed up with Steve Sirockin, owner of Altitude Recording in Boulder, CO to mix and master the new album. Bringing in the talents of Phil Sandoval for album design and photographer Vinnie White of Vinnie W. Photography, DunceCap JoyRide’s 2nd album “Where The Whiskey Pours” was released late February 2013.

In the early summer of 2013, Robby and Joshua brought in second album guest musician Mike Malenoski to DunceCap JoyRide. Two EP’s and music videos are expected to be released by Duncecap Joyride in the summer of 2014. The band’s upcoming music was written by each member almost completely separate from the other two, creating different and unique interpretations of how the songs should evolve.

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