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Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean were showing up for a coronation, and they just didn’t know it. King George — as in Strait — was reinstalled on the throne as the CMA Awards’ Entertainer of the Year, and his subjects had to divide the spoils.

But spoils there were, in one of the better paced and least painful music awards shows in recent memory. Here were the night’s 10 most memorable moments:

Kacey Musgraves gets progressive … and censored! The wider world still doesn’t know what the Best New Artist winner was suggesting that people do — “or don’t” do— since ABC cut her mic each time the chorus of “Follow Your Arrow” came around to the line “roll up a joint.” When asked by Billboard after the show about the network’s decision, Musgraves expressed she thought it was a bit ironic. “I guess for some reason people feel the need to censor that word, but they leave ‘crack’ in,” she said.

So, in other words, ABC was cool with her singing, “But if you lose too much [weight], then you’re on crack,” but wasn’t cool with the line, “Roll up a joint, or don’t” … from the same song?

But the fact that an uplifting, life-affirming song with a blatantly pro-gay angle made it onto the CMAs marks some sort of milestone in a show that usually doesn’t go out of its way to poke at the conservative constituencies within country. When Musgraves later beat Florida Georgia Line for the newcomer honor, it was the evening’s biggest upset, and a victory for both singer- songwriters and women in country, even if you’d think those battles were lost if you turn on the radio.

Read all 10 Top Moments here:

Some of the Comments after the article:
•  I can’t believe those words were censored and yet Cyrus was allowed on national tv with a disgusting, trashy performance.
• Country music is so lame these days. Nothing but pretty boys and pretty girls singing pseudo pop songs and want-a-be rap songs with mindless, stupid lyrics. Come on people… I know there is some real country talent out there.

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