So I might as well chime in to letting my friends and family know what is happening with The Toad Tavern. The Toad has been sold and I am told that things will be operating as usual for now. I haven’t met the new owners yet, but I am hopeful that all things will remain the way that we do them currently… at least “musically”. I hear that they are great folks as well! I think this is a very good thing for Brice Hancock, as we have been friends for 17 years… and I know that it is time for him to move on. Congrats and good luck buddy! You will be missed!

As for me, I am hoping that I will remain here booking for all of your bands, as I have made my home here for years and am very proud of the work that I have done at The Toad and of what we have built this room into today. After having run The Soiled Dove and Walnut Room for several years and being here for 6, I feel like I am just getting going! I love this room and all of the amazing relationships that I have with your bands. I DO hope to be here for a long while to come!

Mark Sundermeier | On Facebook 12/04/13


Twenty years on the Denver Music Scene musician, promoter, friend, DMB co-owner, faces a new future, and tells a happy story with a happy ending. Or beginning.

LITTLETON CO, December 3, 2013: Brice Hancock, the owner of Littleton’s live music venue, bar, and restaurant announced today the sale of The Toad Tavern, and after more than 20 years on Denver’s Music Scene, turns the page for both himself as well as the beloved Littleton bar.

Brice purchased The Toad Tavern in 2007 and remodeled the club, adding a larger stage, new lights and sound, added a menu, and has been considered home to many local original musicians and bands, as well as hundreds of regional and national/international acts; a staff that has continued to warm up the room including talent buyer and musician Mark Sundermeier, sound engineer Kyle Zender, bartender and musician Arnel Adams, among many more. Brice adds that everyone will be keeping their jobs and the format will stay the same.

“I’ve been working in the music business for most of my life and I’m making an exit.” Brice played lead guitar in the popular, longstanding band, Rubber Planet for almost two decades; he also co-owned and ran the Denver Message Board (DMB), a popular Colorado community hotspot for many years; and has lived his life as part of the Denver Music Scene – and is changing his life. He is moving to the Evergreen area and will be selling real estate, a decision he believes is a positive one for himself as well as the Toad.

Brice’s last night as the owner of The Toad is this Saturday, December 7. He will be at the club this last night as owner to support his friend and sponsor of the bill, Santiago, who owns the upcoming Black Vulture Tattoo and Art Gallery, and a lineup which consists of a few bands he has admired: Babi-Hed, Wanker, Mr. Majestyk’s 8 Track Revival, and Snackcakes and Beer.

“The new owners are great supporters of live music and I feel good about the future of the Toad,” said Hancock. “This is a good story with a happy ending.” He adds on his Facebook page today, “I love each and every one of you. I really do. Even the jerky people. Anyway, I hope to see you Saturday!”

For more information, please contact: Brice Hancock until Saturday at  303-795-6877  or bobgnarly@aol.com .

[Thanks to Wendy Clark for passing the press release along!]

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