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Hello All,
Last month we sent out a message introducing Intel’s “Superstars” competition. This is a pretty amazing opportunity for musicians to submit their songs for a chance to win $10,000 in cash and some pretty sweet prizes. Companies like Gibson, Orange Amplifiers and Blue Microphones are involved in the project.

Here is a quick look at the current prizes:
Intel® Ultrabook™ device
Blue Microphones microphone
Creative Labs speaker
Gibson Brands Inc. electric guitar with case
HMDX Bluetooth wireless speaker
Orange amplifier
Sonos wireless speaker
V-MODA metal headphone.

So Far, we have had some great feedback from the MusicBiz community on this opportunity. You have until November 26th to submit a track, for your chance at winning. Those who vote are eligible to win prizes as well.

Learn more at their website: http://superstars2013.com/[CQ1 ]

Good luck! Keep Networking.

The MusicBiz Team.

Editor’s Note: I just looked this over. I cannot see any entry fee, and it won’t let you get further info unless you sign-up/sign-in so a fee might be hidden.

Intel is a reputable company. However, it looks like the contest is actually sponsored by a third party [OurStage] as they have links to other contests they run. The first “leg” of the competition (entries in the rock & pop categories) had a deadline date in October. The next leg ends Nov. 26th (country & rap). Then they take the top entries and narrow them down to 20 per category and one winner is picked from each category to get “the package”. Then the winning song is picked from those 8 winners to get the $10,000. Judges’ names or qualifications are not listed.

There are also several rules that would be hard to abide by – one being you cannot have “published” this song before which means that, technically, it cannot be on any of *your* own albums as that means *you* published it. I actually think they are referring to your song being in a publisher’s catalog. Another vague rule.

These lines also bother me:
• Artist must be eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry and must reside within the United States.

• An artist may submit only one (1) unique track into each of the Intel® “Superstars” 2013 Competition Channels. If an artist submits the same song into multiple Intel® “Superstars” 2013 Competition Channels, OurStage will remove the song from the genres deemed inappropriate.

• All entries must be acceptable for radio airplay with clean lyrics. [This means they could throw out any song that they deem “unacceptable for radio airplay. Which probably means the average recording will be X’d out because most people don’t put 100s of 1,000s of dollars into their recordings. And, believe me, you will not receive a refund.]

• Entries must contain vocals, but should not consist solely of vocals. Entries must be accompanied by musical instruments.

I’ve added it to the newsletter with a “Buyer Beware” tag on it. Wish I knew if there was a BIG charge to enter. That’s why COMBO does not promote most of these contests because of their ridiculous fees ($25-$30 and higher for each song) and they don’t tell you that they have thousands of entries that you’ll be competing against. Got to cover that $10,000 cash prize!!


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