First of all, we want to thank the Breckenridge Brewery – Ballpark Pub, 2222 Blake Street for allowing us to use their really nice meeting room! We’ll also be meeting there for our Holiday Party in December and for the Grammy Watching Party in January.

Secondly, we’d like to thank Johnnie Johnson (of Innervision) for providing a sound system for our meeting. Was very helpful to have the amplification for our singer/songwriters to enhance their performances! And also a “thank you” to COMBO’s vice-president Andy Ard for assisting Johnnie with setting up the mics, etc., for the performers.

The meeting showcased the winners of COMBO’s first Songwriting Contest. Copies of the compilation CDs were given to the winners (and all the contestants). Several CDs have now been given to publishing and record companies and to music supervisors for their consideration in future projects.

Performing at the meeting were Joel Ashmore (“Blowing Sunshine”); Andy Palmer (“Grrr”); Lisa Bell (“Bring the Love”), Paul Fiorino (“Foreclosure Blues”); Laurie Dameron (“I Can’t Wait to See You Again”); Ryan Chrys (accompanied by Bradley Weaver) (“A Life Ago”); Rich Owen (“I Ain’t Done Holding You”); Mark Risius (“Tappitty Wap”) (an instrumental skillfully played by Mark on his acoustic guitar), and Gary Dean Smith (“Shadows”).

We also listened to the songs of Kathaleen Hancock (“Follow That Star”); The Symbols (Mer Sal and Jason Coombs) (“Be Here Now”); Denise Gentilini (she played the piano on her recording with Beth Avedis on vocals) (“The Little Things”), and Eric Peterson (“Havana Girl”). All the performers told the “back story” of the song – how they came to write it. There were some VERY interesting stories including funny and sad – like “Grrr” has to do with what Andy’s dog says every time Andy talks to him!

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