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WHILE NOT EXACTLY “MUSIC RELATED”, we thought you’d be interested in the following info [this comes from a licensed American Family automobile insurance agent]:

Have you ever thought of becoming an Uber driver or have you used Uber to get home?

Commercial ride-sharing services offered by Transportation Network Companies like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar are becoming more popular in major cities across the country. These firms use smartphone technology to connect people with cars to those wanting rides. These drivers generally use their personal vehicles and receive payment for every ride given, so there’s growing concern whether they have the proper insurance coverage.

Personal auto policies do not cover damage or losses arising when the car is used in this type of ride-share program as the customer is transporting people for a charge. That’s because personal auto policies aren’t intended to cover the higher risks associated with using a car for commercial purposes. Personal auto policies do have an exception to this exclusion for standard carpool situations where a group of people take turns driving and no money is exchanged.

[Just remember, this goes for you musicians with vans or pick-ups who ask for money to transport band equipment. You may not be covered in an accident.]

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