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[This is amazing – and creepy!]

Here’s something that will surely get Elvis fans “all shook up” this holiday season!

A 16-year-old kid from Quebec, David Thibault, is wowing everyone from local music fans to the Twittersphere with his spot-on rendition of Elvis Presley’s classic “Blue Christmas.” The teen’s deep, soulful voice is eerily Graceland-worthy; so much that the clip of him performing at a Canadian radio station has already garnered more than 625K views (and counting) at posting time.

In fact, you could even say suspicious minds might momentarily think the King is still alive and well! [Close your eyes and just listen for a few seconds].

Of course, we all know that Elvis really has left the building — the iconic original rock ‘n’ roller passed away in 1977 — but it’s fun to listen to Thibault’s amazing cover and imagine that the King is still here, and still taking care of business.

Thibault apparently has been putting his talent to use cultivating a budding career as an Elvis impersonator. You can check out more of his cool covers on his YouTube channel, including takes on beloved classics such as “Blue Suede Shoes” and “That’s All Right Mama.”


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