The Western States Arts Federation, in partnership with Create Denver and the IM Tour Program, presented the 2013 Denver Music Summit at the McNichols Events Center November 23rd & 24th, with a schmoozer held at the Mercury Café on Friday night, November 22nd. This was a 7-state conference and had attendees from all over the west.

The Denver Music Summit brought together musicians, music industry professionals and enthusiasts to share ideas, learn about current trends, and inspire ingenuity. The summit gave working musicians the professional skills and connections needed to develop their careers and fosters connections to build a sustainable music community. Denver is emerging as a national cultural hub and the event highlighted conversation and networking opportunities as well as live performances that showcase the vibrant local and national music scene while exploring new channels and inspire dialogue among fans, policymakers and music professionals.

The event was very well planned and carried out. Particularly fun and informative was the “speed dating” round where attendees started at one table with a moderator well-versed in topics such as recording, booking, legal, and more. After a 20 minute interaction, the attendees moved to another table to discuss the topic scheduled there. Lots of info on many subjects in a few minutes of time!

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