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Chris Moss, a/k/a Dat Boi Neph and Nephtoven, was born and in raised Memphis, TN. He grew up in the streets of Raleigh and came from a musical family background. His name came about from his uncle, a member of the southern  musical collective group “Straight Jacket” who called him “Yung Nephu”. His uncle, producer and rapper Tn Da Entertainer of “Straight Jacket”, encouraged Chris to sharpen his producing and engineering skills and pursue a career as a producer. He soon came to his own decision of creating his own production company, Certified Street Bangaz, L.L.C., which started February of 2013. Since then his work ethic has driven him to his road to riches as being a world wide street producer.

In 2004, Nephtoven started his career as a music producer. Using well known DAW’s famous producers use today such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, etc., to name a few, he then began to find his own sound of music and brand it. Today he has worked with many artists around the world via the internet and in-person broadcasting professional production such as mixing, mastering, producing and a fare share of hosting. Nephtoven is currently working on projects to get his entity out and continues to work even harder.




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