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BOOK FOR NOVEMBER 2013: Music Publishing€“ The Roadmap to Royaltie€s – by Dick Weismann and Ron Sobel. Available through Amazon until November 1st for $29.11.

Music Publishing – The Roadmap to Royalties is an invaluable guide to generating and protecting royalties and geared toward emerging songwriters and artists. Music publishing – the business of acquiring copyrights and promoting, protecting, and collecting the royalties for music – generates the largest source of income for songwriters and composers. Taking a practical approach, the authors €“ one a successful music publisher and attorney, the other a songwriter and music-business professor €“ explain in simple terms the basic concept of the music publishing industry from a songwriter’€™s point of view. They then break down the sources of income that can be exploited, examine the role of the music publisher, and then examine typical music publishing agreements, pointing out areas that writers need to review carefully. The book provides unique REAL WORLD and MYTH-BUSTER sections, offering true, contemporary examples of successes and failures in the world of music publishing. The book reveals how millions of dollars have been earned – and lost – through the management of publishing rights.

Every serious emerging songwriter and artist will find Music Publishing invaluable in navigating the incredible opportunities and practical challenges that face music-makers in today’s highly competitive and highly technological environment.

Ron Sobel is an entertainment attorney, with more than thirty years of experience representing songwriters, artists, and music companies. In 2001, Ron founded North Star Media (NSM), a music services and consulting company. Prior to NSM, Ron was V.P./Creative Affairs and head of the L.A. office at ASCAP. Ron was on the Board of Directors of the California Copyright Conference for eighteen years, and is a frequent speaker at colleges and universities.

Dick Weissman taught for twelve years in the Music & Entertainment Industry program at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he was Professor Emeritus, was V.P. for the Music & Entertainment Industry Educators Association, and has a long-term career as a studio musician, recording artist, songwriter, and record producer. He has written Guitar Tunings and Blues: The Basics for Routledge. He is also the coauthor of The Global Music Industry and Promoting Your Music, also from Routledge.

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