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Adrienne Osborn is a vocalist who sings in varied styles including pop, jazz, soul, and electronica. She is also a lyricist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist (keys, bass, and percussion), writing and recording original songs with musicians all over the US and the world.

She teaches voice and performance skills to students in Colorado and around the world via Skype, including American Idol participants as high as the top six, and various professional musicians. She is affiliated with Tom Jackson Productions / Onstage Success in Nashville, and teaches Tom Jackson’s Live Music Method for live performance.

Adrienne’s published discography includes Oceans Closer (2011), a jazz album with UK violinist Pete Hartley; and The Phoenix, The Flame (2010), a funk-rock album with project STAR (spontaneous thin air radio). In 2010 she also released an instructional 2-DVD set entitled The Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone, which is available on Amazon.com. Her current projects include an orchestral/jazz/world/electronica collaboration with Christian Grimshei of Rabiang Records in Thailand, a full-length album co-write with composer Panos Kolias, and collaborations with several different composers for various music libraries.

Adrienne is currently the lead vocalist for modern party music band Urban Dance Theory and the bassist for rock band Driving Karma. Her past performance highlights include performing on the main stage at the Telluride Jazz Festival with Bola Abimbola, playing keys with Guitar Villians at two “Jager Idol” competitions, and playing at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis with That 80’s Band.

In previous lives, Adrienne has been an exchange student in Bilbao, Spain; a national-champion world-ranked waterskier; and an IT professional.


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