By Craig Rosen | Yahoo Music

Not every superstar is going to pull a Beyoncé and surprise-release their new album at midnight on a Thursday in mid-December. No, some of them are going to make us wait until next year. With that in mind, we bring you the most anticipated albums of 2014. And as usual, with superstar release schedules, they’re subject to change.

1. Bruce Springsteen, “High Hopes,” Jan. 14

2. Adele, album title and release date unknown

3. U2, album title and release date unknown

4. Dr. Dre, “Detox,” release date unknown

5. D’Angelo, title and release date unknown

6. Jay Z & Kanye West, “Watch the Throne 2,” release date unknown

7. Metallica, album title and release date unknown

8. Chris Brown, “X,” release date unknown

9. Foo Fighters, title and release date unknown.

10. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, “Cheek to Cheek,” late 2014

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[Hey! How come One Republic, The Fray, Walker Williams, and other Colorado -based bands aren’t on this list???!!!]

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